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Uninvited Guests- 3 nieces (long)

So the other day FI let me know that my older half brother had returned his RSVP with a yes :-) And that my three nieces were coming too. To which I replied... um but I didn't invite them.

So I think the space will work out okay. And the budget can handle it just fine. They are all over 18 and none live at home so I sent the invite to my brother with his name only (he is divorced). I had expressed to our sister (who informed me he started dating a gal) that if he had a girlfriend she was totally invited. My brother has never brought the girls to my homestate- not my sister's wedding or our dad's funeral.

Here's the issue... I didn't invite my 2 nephews either. They are from my other half-brother and I sent an invite only to brother 2 and wife. Both nephews live on their own and one is married (we did attend the wedding last year).

Now please note- these 5 young adults are only 7-10 years my junior, over 18,  and grew up across the country from me. We don't even exchange christmas cards.

So #1 I'm just floored he's bring them to our wedding. #2 I don't want to upset brother 2 with I didn't invite his kids (even though I invited neither)... 

Regardless I am not uninviting nieces. I am glad their dad decided to bring them so they can have some family time (he is recently divorced). How do I address this with brother 2? Not say anything? Last minute invite to the nephews? 

Just don't know what to do. Dad's no longer around. While the 3 older siblings (from wife 1) all talk all the time I only became close to one of them (sister) after Dad passed away. I'm closest to the younger 2 siblings (we grew up with Mom and Dad). 
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