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another name change question

I just got back from the DMV and I'm finished with my name change process, whew! I'm officially Mrs. V! Just have to notify the bank, etc now.

Now for my question. I am almost done with my certification classes (will graduate in July). Am I required to change my name with the school too? I don't think it will be difficult but I just wonder if it's more trouble than it's worth since it's the middle of summer semester and then I won't even be going to that school anymore after July. What do you think?

Re: another name change question

  • I have this question too...I'm getting my masters in December only practicum to do and I don't know what I want to do keep or change for it!
  • I'd say that depends on If you want your degree or whatever to be in your married or maiden name...
  • If you are transferring credit to a new school or getting a degre (which it sounds like you are not) you'll probably be okay to let it go.
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  • I guess it depends on what name you want on your diploma... or if you want to deal with the hassle of a new school email. 
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  • Thanks! I will just leave it my maiden name...I just wasn't sure if I was allowed to not tell them I changed my name =)
  • My school had the option of having your married name on your degree, without having to change your name witht the school. but yes, if you want your married name to be on your degree I would notify them.
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