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Unexpected gifts!

My shower is in a couple of weeks from now (April 1st) and the BMs have been hard at work getting rsvps from people. I was talking to one BM the other night to see if anyone couldn't come and she told me who had rsvp's "no"

 Well I found out that so far 3 of the people on the list couldn't make it (they are the same family- a mom & 2 adult daughters who live in NH)  They are really good family friends so I was a little sad that they couldn't make it, but I was ok with them not coming. 

FI live in an apartment and our mail goes to the front doorway of the house and our door is on the complete other side, so I check the mail about ever 3 days or so.....well I went to check the mail last night and there were 2 GIANT Crate & Barrel boxes in the doorway!!!

I opened them to make sure that everything was in tact, and to see who sent it so that I can send a thank you. It was from the 3 people who couldn't make it to the shower and I can't believe how generous they were. I am SO excited about the gifts and I can't wait to use them after the wedding!!!

Here's what we got:

2-large serving bowls
1- large platter
1-set of 12 app plates
3-small dip bowls
salt & pepper mills
newlywed cookbook
Missing Our July Sparkler
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