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Save the dates?

I went ahead and ordered our Save The Date magnets because I had a vistaprint groupon that expires in a couple months and I knew once classes start again I'd forgot to use it in time. Now I'm waiting really impatiently for them to get here so I can see them up close! I know they don't need to go out right away, but I was wondering when the rest of the June 2013 brides are planning to mail theirs? 

FI and I live 4 hours from our venue so about half of our guests will be from out of town - We live in his hometown but are getting married near mine. The venue we settled on is about 1 1/2 hours from where most of my family lives so while the guests on my side aren't technically 'out of towners', some of them may still decided to get a hotel room and stay overnight. This combined with the fact that june can be a busy month for vacations/graduations I'm trying to decide how much notice I should give my guests. I want to give them plenty of time to plan, but I don't want to look silly by sending them out WAY too early.

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Re: Save the dates?

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    I wil be sending mine out early than normal for those very reasons. I want to give OOT guests time to plan, guests that aren;t out of town but want to stay over at the hotel time to plan, and I know it is a busy time of year. There will be proms, graduations, and in my family their will be milestone birthdays coming up over the next few years that people are planning parties and vacations for. So I'll be sending out my save the dates at the end of July/August. I know it is very, very early, and I could technically wait until like September, October, etc, but we are choosing not to. 

    Hopefully I don't get 100% yes from everyone because I gave them so much time, lol. 
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    I won't be having TOO many OOT guests, but I plan to send mine in September
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    Our last couple got tossed in the mail this past week. 100% of our guest list is OOT and about 95% are OOS and coming with a small army of children. FI's family is making an entire two week vacation out of our wedding purely based on the extensive travel involved, so we thought the earlier the better and just sent them out as soon as we ordered them. 

    We're getting married in a vacation/retirement/college town that never has an open hotel room on the weekends. In fact, our hotel block expires 45 days prior to the wedding, so advance notice took priority over looking silly to us. My aunt was the only one who made a comment about them being early and it was just poking fun really. We got magnets too, so they wouldn't get tossed since we sent them early. 
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    Since half of your guests will be OOT I would send them 6 months out.  If you send them too early people will most likely forget.

    BTW Love those, I had the same ones ordered.


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