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anyone else starting to freak out a bit? We had our officiant fall through last week, so now we're having to find a new one... and we still don't have flowers/cake worked out yet... I know everything will come together, but I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed... after being cucumber cool this whole time...
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Re: jittery

  • You are not alone.  I had a BM dress/store change today and I was stressing beyond belief.  I really hope that is the last thing to go wrong!
  • I am feeling stressed too!  I haven't asked my aunt if she'll be our officiant or not, and if she says no I have back up plan.  We don't have dessert figured out at all.  UGH
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  • I know what you mean!!! 

    I still have to secure our second officiate (having two to represent both faiths). We have a meeting with one potential rabbi next week and we're also still waiting to hear back from our cantor.

    I'm stressing about the flowers (colors) and am trying to get hold of my florist to set up a meeting to finalize all my selections and verify the colors.

    I'm still ordering samples of linens to find exactly what I want.

    On the brink of ordering my invitations.

    Cake tastings are next after that...

    Caterer tasting is next week, then I can make the menu selections

    And we're going to look at suits for FI at Brooks Brothers today!

    Whew... feels like such a whirlwind all of a sudden, and I too was cucumber cool before. Not to mention everyone keeps commenting "oh these last few months are going to fly by so fast, before you know it you'll be at your wedding!" -HA! Stop saying that! I have so much to do!!

  • yes!  And I am trying to give up drinking to drop a few pounds and that is not helping, especially playoff weekend when my fantasy team is going down the tubes!

    I just made myself a very long to do list with dates to get it done by and contact numbers for making appointments.

    I think we are going to get a lot of stuff done this week though so I am pretty excited.
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  • I'm stressing out a bit, too, we need to start working on some small things, like song selections, seating chart, ordering guest book/card box, gifts for everyone. So I can definitely feel the tension!
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  • A little. I feel like I did so much stuff early. Then, Christmastime came and I focused on that. Everyone kept saying, "you have so much time..." and I was almost too relaxed. Now, I feel like I'm missing something!
  • I have been stressed ever since I started thinking about planning!  I haven't had any major disasters, and apparently I am right where I should be (confirmed by reading posts from other people on this board - thanks), but somehow that doesn't make me feel any better and I still feel like I need to do so much!
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