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Engagement Photo Question

We are planing on getting out E photos done sometime soonish... I'd like it to be in the pretty fall folliage but with our seasons being so off and ahead of schedule (I live right where IA, Il and WI meet) I'm not sure when to schedule our photos... any advice on when to do them? late september? wait til october?  we'd like to use a photo for our STDs so I don't want to wait too long... any other advice??  TIA

Re: Engagement Photo Question

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    Do you know when peak season is for fall in your area? You could probably find that online relatively easily and plan accordingly. My guess is fall will be a bit early this year since it was so crazy dry. The tree in our backyard are already dropping leaves. We're doing our the second weekend of October, so I'm hoping there will be some pretty color then. I'd think late September/early October would be fine
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    I haven't lived in Iowa for 5 years but if I recall correctly I would shoot for early October.
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