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Christmas ain't Christmas...

Ladies I've been wondering, is it me or does Christmas seem different this year? Also how is wedding planning going!?!
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Re: Christmas ain't Christmas...

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    Everybody keeps saying this, but I don't feel that way. For me this Christmas is exciting and special again, after last year being a very trying and sad time. And with the added excitement of the wedding coming up in June, my family is very much looking forward to celebrating. 

    My heart goes out to those that are not having a joyful holiday this year. I pray things begin to repair soon and that the new year brings relief. 

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    I have felt the same thing, we only gave presents to my nieces and told everyone not to get us anything.  This way we could save our money for the wedding.  It just felt weird
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    I knew I wasn't alone! I'm thinking it's because of all this drama that has accumlated this year!! Hopefully next year will be a good year.. I want to enjoy Christmas!
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