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Very excited because...

My mom told me that she would like to buy my wedding dress for me!!! I was planning on purchasing my dress myself, so this is a huge help to me and FI in terms of our wedding budget. Also, before this she didn't really seem that interested in dress shopping, and that bummed me out because I really wanted her to be there when I find The Dress. Now it looks like that is a definite possibility and I'm so excited! :) 
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Re: Very excited because...

  • That's awesome!! :) Did you cry when she told you? I ask because my grandma and my aunt came to see my dress and when I went to pay for it, they stepped up and said they wanted to buy me my wedding dress. *cue instant tears* 

    I'm SO happy for you! Don't forget to share pics.
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  • Eeeek! That is super exciting!!

    Congrats =)
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  • How exciting and generous of her!! Share pics once you've gone shopping!!
  • Yay!  That's great news!
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    Thank you ladies! Klyn, I didn't cry but I was just like, "awww!!"  I guess I was overcome and didn't know what to say. I thanked her several times and told her I couldn't wait to try on some dresses. I'll definitely share some pics with everyone when the time comes. :)
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  • So nice! This will be something you can remember forever--that the two of you did this together.
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    [QUOTE]So nice! This will be something you can remember forever--that the two of you did this together.
    Posted by Domino04[/QUOTE]

    <div>Exactly! :)</div>
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