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XP: Cake conundrum

FI and I have been to a couple different bakeries in the last week to taste test and figure out where we will order our wedding cake from. Our current dilemma is this...
Bakery A has a very homemade style reminiscent of old world baking traditions. They offer a lighter, fluffier cake texture and their buttercream is also light and fluffy and very much like whipped cream. 
Bakery B is a more trendier bakery with a more gourmet style. They offer a much heavier/ denser cake texture and their buttercream is thicker and not as sugary sweet as the former.
We liked different flavors from both places but ultimately can't decide which texture is preferable or more appropriate. So, my question is this:
Which kind of cake would you prefer? Light & fluffy cake with whipped cream like buttercreamORDenser/ heavier cake with heavier buttercream that isn't as sweet 
Also, we are having a full Viennese dessert table on the side as well... so there will be many dessert options to choose from. 


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    Can you do a cake from both? Maybe a wedding cake from Bakery A and a groomscake from Bakery B. 
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