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Weekend Accountability

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    edited October 2012
    Let's see if I can remember...
    Saturday Cake tasting then a whopper w/ cheese and vanilla shake

    Sunday: onion bagel w/ homemade grape jelly (tons of sugar)
    Typical Italian Sunday Dinner: chicken parm, pasta, meatballs, salad and bread & butter
    Homemade strawberry stortcake for dessert. 

    EDIT: Friday
    B: granola bar
    L: tuna on spinach wrap with melon and cantalope
    S: 360 calories of licorice 
    D: steak, white rice, spinach and stuffed mushrooms
    S: butterfinger ice cream Yuuummmmm!
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    My weekends are always worse to K. 

    This weekend I did okay, but mostly because FI has gone into super drive as far as rtying to lose weight, so I feel guilted into eating healthier than I want. I'm not sure why I feel like this is a complaint, I should be happy about this... right?

    Friday great, don't remember what I ate but I'm going to guess mostly chicken. I bought a huge pack then we went away for a few days and it was going to go bad so I cooked it all and have single handly been consuming it. I still have like five pieces left. I' so burnt out on it.

    Saturday was decent. Had wegmans hot food bar for lunch after my test; mac and cheese and chicken parm. Dinner was something healthy. I stayed under calories. 

    Yesterday I went over. My only bad thing was a single cupcake, otherwise everything else was healthy, whatever I ate, I don't even remember. I just ate too much.

    We took our dog for 2-3 mile wlalks everyday this weekend. That was my exercise all weekend. We're trying to do more out and about type of stuff. 
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    My weekend was terrible. My sister got married on Saturday, so it was three days of cake, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches eaten on the fly, and a bunch of booze. And zero exercise, unless you count the fact that I danced my butt off at the reception.
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