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Save the Date Proof

Hey ladies!  I would love some opinions.  The yellow square will actually be a sticker that guests can peel off and put on a calendar.  The only thing that I think I'm going to suggest is to add our names on the sticker.  What do you ladies think?

Re: Save the Date Proof

  • That is so cute, and a great idea! I agree with you, if guests are going to stick it on their calender, maybe you should put your names or initials on the sticker.

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  • What a super cute idea! Definitly add your names or initials. Otherwise I really like it.
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    Cute!  I'm looking at something with stripes/chevrons too!  Esp as an overall theme.

    Are the stickers large or small?  I'd just suggest being careful with the paper/envelope format as square postage costs more.

    ETA: Looking at it again, it might make sense to balance the chevrons out so the border looks the same on both sides.  At the moment, one side looks like chevrons while the other side looks like diagonal lines.
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  • Thanks everyone!  

    Lodonnell-  The stickers are 1x1.  Thanks for the suggestion on the boarder.  I didn't notice it till you said something and now its all I can see haha
  • That's really cute.
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  • I love it!  Where did you find them?
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  • I love this idea!!! 
  • ciligirl- I have wedding planners that are wonderful and are designing all of my paper goods.  I did get the idea off of pinterest they just ran with it.  Feel free to steal the idea haha
  • haha...I will steal it!  I have no shame :)-  It kind of looks like tiny prints so I will check them out.

    My wedding is June 15th 2013, so if you come up with anymore great ideas, feel free to send them my way!  I am so stressed because I am an interior designer and I know my family and friends expect the wedding to be over the top.  I am right now looking at doing custom table linens...why!!!!!!  I need a planner but I know what I am like and I am afraid she would fire me.  But your save the dates are so much better than the last two I received for my cousins weddings.  
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