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Who should I include on the program?

My FI and I have different views on who should be included on the ceremony program:

Situation: FI's mom passed away last October and we were both very close to her.  His grandpa just passed away two weeks ago and he and my FI were pretty close too.  We each now have one grandma left.

My thought for the program: Include FI's mom on the program under 'Parents of the Groom' since we were so close to her.  Only include our remaining grandmas under 'Grandparents of the Bride/Groom'.  I know it seems like a double standard to not include all grandparents, but it seems like it would be confusing to guests if they don't know which grandparents had passed away.

FI's thought for the program: Include his mom and all grandparents especially since he was closer to his grandpa than he and his dad are now.

Thanks for any input ladies!

Re: Who should I include on the program?

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    What I did for mine was only listed the people in my bridal party.  No family.  On the back of mine I had three "thank you" sections.  One for parents, one for friends and family and one remembered section.  My mom had passed and we wanted to remember her and our other family members who aren't with us.  This was the best way to do it for us.  You can specifically mention these individuals by name or you can leave it a little more general.  Its up to you!
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    We included deceased grandparents. Our layout was:

    Parents of the Bride
    Parents of the Groom
    Grandparents of the Bride
    Grandparents of the Groom

    For those that were deceased, we listed them in their respective category, In Loving Memory of Name.
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    Bride and groom of course

    If a parent is deceased:
    "Groom's parents:  Mr. John Smith, and the late Mary Smith"

    I don't usually see grandparents listed, but if you really want to, you can do it as you would the parents:
    "Grandparents of the Bride: 
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown 
    Mrs. Melba Cooper and the late Mr. Gordon Cooper"

    Or you can list the living grandparents, and the deceased grandparents/parents in an "in memory" section at the end of the program.  In my experience, if the grandparents are older, sometimes its not know if they can attend until the day of, if they are in frail health.  So you might list them in the program, only to have them not up to attending.
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