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Time Off Before Wedding

How much time did you take off of work leading up to your wedding?

At this point I am planning to at least take Friday (the day before the wedding off) and I am also considering Thursday.  My wedding is 3 hours from where I currently live, so I will have to take off for any last minute meetings.

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  • We only took off the Thursday and Friday before. I think it really depends on how much you have to do. It turned out that we only needed to drop stuff off on Friday so I went and got a massage and mani/pedi on Thursday which I wasn't planning to do.


  • My wedding is on a Friday and I'm taking the whole week leading up to it off.  We have family coming in from out of town starting on Wednesday.  My company gives me an extra 5 vacation days for getting married, so I'm putting them to good use.  I would probably be super distracted if I tried to go into the office that week anyhow.
  • my wedding is on sat and i am taking th entire week off lol just to relax and do whatever last min things I have to do

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  • I agree with Ven & Radio - if I was to try to go in and work, I would not be much good.  I'm planning to do at least Wednesday-Tuesday off.  Wedding in the middle there.

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    I got a promotion at work, so starting tomorrow I will be on fulltime. I am not even sure they will give me any days off :( I know that we can have a later rehearsal, but I will be sad if we don't get to go on the honeymoon that we were planning!!!
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  • I'm a teacher so I was off in July. H worked through Wed. and had the two days before the wedding off.

    If I had been working before my wedding, I would have wanted at leasat 3-4 days probably, esp. since our wedding was OOT.

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  • We're both taking the Thursday and Friday before our wedding on Saturday. I'm also taking Monday through Wednesday of the next week to start the name-changing process and hang out with my out of town guests before they go home.

  • @Ven&Radio - LUCKY!  How many companies offer -that- as a perk?  :)  Honestly, that's really cool of them.

    I'm currently only scheduled to take the day off before (a Friday) to go run the table runners out to the reception venue, get a mani/pedi and just relax.  I'm also taking the following Monday and Tuesday to relax, unwind, drive his grandmother back home and all that stuff.

  • Thanks for all the responses!  I think I will probably end up taking Thursday & Friday off so I can relax on Thursday.  I am already definitely taking off 7 days for our HM after the wedding, but I can probably take Thursday before too.
  • I took the entire week off because we live in NY, but were getting married in PA, and there was a 3 day waiting period to use your marriage license. So we had to get the license on the Monday of the wedding. If we hadn't had that issue, I would have taken off the two days before the wedding.
  • Our wedding is on a Saturday. Taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off.
  • I'm a teacher, and we scheduled our wedding shortly after Spring Break. So that gave me that whole week to do last minute things. Then I worked Monday and Tuesday of the next week and took Wed-Fri off. I originally planned on just taking Thurs-Fri, but we ended up not being able to get our marriage license until Wed and there is a 72 hour waiting period after that, so I had no choice but to take it off. 
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  • My wedding was a Saturday and I only took the Friday before off. I didn't have a need to sit around the house for a whole week and waste vacation time when I could have used it for after the wedding with my new husband.
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    We got married on Friday evening and took off Wednesday and Thursday. A lot of it was because we had family in from out of town (from Winsconsin, Ohio, New Mexico, Florida, etc) that we hardly ever see and wanted to spend some time with them before the wedding. I also had my highlights, naills, waxing, and jewelry cleaning done in that time period.
  • Got married on a Saturday.  Took off Thursday and Friday.  Really didn't need Thursday in the end, but it was nice knowing I had the day in case last minute things came up.
  • I took off Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was used to get a massage, mani/pedi, and visit with out of town wedding party and guests.  Then I also took the Tuesday off after we got back from the honeymoon, and was very thankful I did.  Took that time to go get my name changed, and unpack and do laundry.
  • My last day of work (finished a semester of teaching and a season of coaching) was on June 15th. On the 16th, I drove the five hours north to my home town and started prepping for the wedding. Our friends and family started coming in too. H joined me on the 21st, and we were married on the 22nd.
  • I'm taking off the week prior to the wedding, FI will be off starting Wednesday. We are getting married on a Friday and have to drive 3 hours to Seattle where we are getting married. I just like knowing that I can focus on resting and visiting with OOT guests leading up to the wedding.
  • We planned the wedding to be the Saturday after my company's anual summer vacation. That way I have all week to do anything else I need to do and have my cousin in high school train in on Wednesday so I can spend as much time with her as possible. Back to work the following money and the HM got cancelled.

    FI is taking off TH and FRI if he gets rehired at his current job.
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  • The one good thing about residency is that it ends! I'll finish June 30 next year, the wedding is July 19 (this will also include a move), then will likely start my real job sometime in August, after the honeymoon. That time will be a nice change of pace- right now I get 4 days off per month including weekends and I'm not allowed to take days off to accomplish life things. 
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  • Our wedding is on a Saturday so I am taking the Friday off. Then I have a month off afterwards for the honeymoon.
  • I worked right up until my day. My wedding was a Friday so I worked most of the day on Thursday (left 1 hour early). If I could go back in time, I definately would have taken the Thursday off.
  • I took the entire week off before and our wedding was a friday. I needed for alot of diy and other things. Plus i got in a car accident a 1.5 week before so i was doing PT for that. I also had been working crazy hours a month or so before so if u get more done ahead it helps. The thursday needed for dropping venue stuff off and rehearsal dinner.
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  • We're getting married on a Saturday, and at most, I will take the Friday off. I would really like to, but it'll depend on whether I'm still in my current job at that point or not.
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  • I got married on Saturday.  I took off Thursday and Friday.  My family flew from my old home town in Oregon to my new home town and where the wedding was in MI, on Wednesday and I'll admit that while I was at work that day, half my brain was following that plane and I left early with my boss's blessing... though part of that was because I had to pick up my dress that day. Thursday was mostly hanging out with my family though we did do a few wedding things.  Friday DH took off, mostly for moving and the rehursal. 
  • My wedding is next Sunday :D and I'm only working through Thursday. But I work in retail so we are open 7 days a week so it's a lttle different. I'm kind of wishing I had taken some time off this current week but I've had some early shifts so I've been getting stuff done after work too.

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    We're getting married on a Sunday but since so many OOT guests are coming, we're holding daughter's graduation party on Friday night... figured that way the family could enjoy both events without traveling twice...  I'm taking off Tuesday - Friday before the grad party / wedding and then the whole week afterwards so I can relax with OOT family.  FI is taking both weeks off too - he gets way more vacation time than I do and it'll be nice to have him available to run errands, etc.

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  • i am taking the week before off. our wedding is the friday. i have family flying in on the 22nd from england so i want to spend time with them. 
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  • I took a week off before, although I was wrapping things up from home for the first few days and still logged on to my computer a fair bit.  I knew that would happen so wanted to leave a buffer so that when things dragged I still had time before the wedding.

    My in-laws flew in the Sunday before the wedding and we had other guests arriving all week so there were lots of family dinners and other events, so I was glad to have the time off.  Plus it let me deal with little last minute details as needed.
  • I took off the Thursday and Friday before our Saturday wedding.  Turned out that all I really needed off was Friday.  But it was nice to know I had Thursday off in case any last minute craziness happened.
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