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  • I took Thursday and Friday off for our Saturday wedding. I also took off the Monday and Tuesday after.
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  • I just got Wednesday and Thursday off for my Friday wedding. Since we're just staying at a nice hotel for the weekend I'm also taking Monday off so I can finish a few errands before returning to work on Tuesday.
  • Thank you for this thread, I was originally just thinking of taking one day off for rehearsal, but I think I may take two days off to spend with out of town family :)
  • I'm a teacher, and I took NO time off. :) After we sent out our invites, my school decided (very late in the year) what day the following academic year would start (it's always hit and miss in August, but usually toward the latter part). Our wedding was planned for the 25th of August and school was now going to start on the 23rd of August. :) I was pretty well-planned out anyway, so it wasn't much of a concern. However, I do love that I was ONE name with the incoming freshmen, and then after the weekend, I was ANOTHER name. It really messed with them. :)
  • We're marrying the weekend after Labor Day and in another state - so the Monday beforehand is already free, but we're taking off Tuesday until the next Tuesday after the weekend. We'll be in the wedding city for a week and a half to have fun and relish this awesome time.

    My job is fairly new, so it will be unpaid vacation. I well - it's worth it.
  • I'm taking off the week of, and HOPEFULLY the Monday and Tuesday after. I'm still trying to get my boss to let me use vacation time on the two days after. In his defense, the wedding is the weekend before Thanksgiving and having even just one person out in our office leaves us pretty short-handed. But having only one day to chill after the wedding is gonna suck.

    I guess I'll bite the bullet and come in on Monday if I have to...I know there's probably a lot of B&Gs out there who don't have a choice. But FI doesn't work Mondays or Tuesdays so he'd already be hanging around the house anyway. :( I still have 5 months to get my boss to soften up on the issue. We'll see.
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  • I only took the day off before, but I have a flecible job where it was super easy for me to make last minute phone calls and coordinate stuff easily from work
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    We had a destination wedding.  The wedding was on a Sunday.  I'm a SAHM so I guess it doesn't really matter but H worked all the way up until the day before we flew down.  (I did babysit the night before we left, though.)  We flew down on Thursday, got our marriage license on Friday (as well as dropped off our decor to the venue and met with our photographer.)  Most of our guests arrived on Saturday and we had our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The wedding was Sunday.  Most guests left late Monday or early Tuesday.  We left late Tuesday for our honeymoon. 

    The one thing I'm happy about, though, is that we returned on Saturday instead of Sunday.  We needed that extra day before H headed back to work to unpack and unwind, do laundry, do some grocery shopping, etc.  (Our flight was also delayed due to rain so we lost about 4 hours, which would have put me in a panic if we had decided to fly home on Sunday.)
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  • My wedding is on Saturday and Im taking the Wednesday before so I can relax for a few days before the wedding and then I am taking the whole week after the wedding off 
  • I would say Thursday and Friday before your wedding is sufficient.  Save the rest for your honeymoon!
  • I'm taking the Friday before off and then the Monday after and that's it. I just started a new job beginning of September so I didn't want to ask for a lot of time off right away (wedding is Oct. 5th), we'll be honeymooning in the summer since I work at a school.
  • I'm taking the Tues-Fri off for my Sat wedding, and the week following off for my honeymoon.  I'm taking those four days prior to the wedding because we have an OOT wedding and lots of family and friends coming into town, so I want to have some time to spend with them in the days prior to the wedding as well as handling all of our set up plans (the wedding is 8 hrs away from us).  My boss laughs at me coming to work on that Monday, scoffing at how 'productive' that day is likely to be for me at work, haha.  And I'm lucky to have the time off to be able to take that following week to enjoy our honeymoon.  I haven't taken a vacation longer than a day or two tacked onto a weekend in about 6 years, so this'll be a big amazing break and I'm excited for that too!

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  • I'm getting married on the 2nd of November. I'm working the morning of the 31st and then I'm off friday (saturday and sunday) and then I'm off for the whole week after. I'm getting my hair cut and colored on thursday afternoon  and then I'm decorating the church thursday night so I can dedicate my time on friday to the reception venue and getting my nails did with my girls! oh and relax before my rehearsal!!!
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  • I took three days before my wedding because I knew if I didn't my job would keep trying to suck me back into more work (I support a client), so I just put three firm days on my calendar. It was nice because I was in the process preparing for my husband and I to move from Texas to North Carolina, and he was just getting back from Virginia (where he was living) and we still had to do the marriage license, last minute details, etc.
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  • My DH and I live in New Orleans, but we got married in my hometown in CA.  We flew out Wed. afternoon for my Saturday wedding.  I even worked Wed. morning!  So I basically had Thurs. and Fri. to run around with the last minute wedding stuff...including getting the license, lol.  But those last two days were mostly relaxing.  I had family in town I rarely get to see and it was a nice time to hang out and spend quality time with them.  My DH and I then also took the entire next week off for our honeymoon.  We even planned it so we returned back home on (the next) Saturday and could have Sunday to just relax and unwind after the wedding/honeymoon fun and craziness.
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  • My wedding is this Saturday, I'm taking a half day Wednesday, and I'll be out 9.5 days. Hopefully that will all work out.
  • My parents, fmil and myself are all off a week before. Fi is off the Thursday and Friday. It will be beneficial to do any last minute things, spend time with the family... Plus try and relax! After all the planning.

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  • I took off the Friday before my Saturday wedding and the Monday after. Went back to work on Tuesday for the rest of the week and then went for our week-long honeymoon the following Saturday. 
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  • My wedding is this coming Sunday and I am taking just Friday and Monday off. I just started my job in March so I don't have much PTO. I'll be getting my nails done, grocery shopping and making sure my house is clean Friday. Saturday our rehearsal is at 12pm and dinner at 4pm.


  • My wedding is Nov 2  so Im booking Oct 29 - Nov 5 off.  I want to get my hair trimmed, get my nails done, catch up on a bit of sleep, etc.  We also have to meet the officiant Oct 30.  

    We are taking a honeymoon next year, but in the meantime we will go a fancy restaurant a couple days after the wedding and visit an art gallery as a mini trip.
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  • My wedding isn't until Oct 2015, but I was able to put my PTO request in a year in advance. I'm taking a week and a day off.
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  • There's no way I could afford to take so much time off. Unfortunately, I was off Friday, married on Saturday, and then back to work Monday morning.

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  • How much time did you take off of work leading up to your wedding?

    At this point I am planning to at least take Friday (the day before the wedding off) and I am also considering Thursday.  My wedding is 3 hours from where I currently live, so I will have to take off for any last minute meetings.
    I am getting married on a Saturday and I am taking off Thursday & Friday and then the following Monday. If it seems like I need Wednesday off too, I know that will be ok with my boss if it's last minute. I would like to take off more, but I am trying to save PTO.
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  • @ven&amp;radio, I wish our company did that! That is super cool.
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  • We're getting married on a Friday so I'm booking that day off and the Thursday before. I work evening shifts so I'm also going to see about switch with my co-worker on the Wednesday so I can have half the day there too.  I'm also booking off a full work week for the honeymoon two weeks later even though we're only going for 4 days.

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  • I'm planning to take Thursday and Friday off. My maid of honor is flying in on Thursday evening, so I want to take care of any last-minute details plus waxing appointments, etc. on Thursday before she arrives. That way we can relax and enjoy Friday until our rehearsal dinner. She and her boyfriend are also staying with us, so I'll probably do some last-minute cleaning.
  • I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off for our Saturday wedding (2 hours away). Basically, Wednesday was mani/pedi and picking up last minute honeymoon items (bug spray, sunscreen, another beach cover up, etc.), Thursday was organizing everything into boxes (undergarments, wedding rings, pictures for the reception tables, favors, etc.) and packing for the honeymoon, and Friday was loading the car and driving down for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. My now husband took Thursday and Friday off so he was able to help with packing on Thursday and loading on Friday (and keeping me sane).
  • I am takin the Thursday and Friday before my wedding off. They probably won't be terribly relaxing because I have to pack for the honeymoon and my wedding isn't in the town where I live. However, I have a limited amount of vacation time so I am doing what I can. I think it will be enough time.
  • I took Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off before my Saturday wedding. Our wedding was in my hometown a few hours from where we live and was also very DIY (old building that hadn't been a venue before). So we went home that Wednesday and were pretty darn busy right up until the wedding. It was really nice to have that time and it meant I got to spend a bit more time with my sisters, parents, and BFF.
  • We were married this past Friday and my wife took off Thursday, Friday, and then this Monday-Wednesday.  I took Thursday and Friday last week (and Tuesday afternoon for tuxedo pickups since my best man lived out of state and I wanted a couple days in case he needed to have adjustments made to his tux) and then I took this whole week since I had a lot of vacation time saved at work.  
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