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Work is slow today, and I feel like everyone needs somewhere to rant every once in rant away!

My most recent rant -

We booked our venue a year out - at that time, they had an events coordinator, Rose, who we would contact with any payments, questions, etc. Well, back in December, when I called to set up our tasting, I was sent to this girl named Kristy that was the new wedding coordinator, and she assured us we could contact her from now on instead of Rose. Easy enough. We went in in Dec, had our tasting with Kristy, and laid out all details that we had decided on. In January, and FI called the venue to make a payment, and he was told that Kristy was no longer working there, and he could contact Rose instead. At this time, we were both kind of like, uhhhhh...ok - we just assumed that Kristy wasn't a good fit there (which was odd, cause we both loved her!) and figured we would just stick to speaking with Rose from now on. Fast forward to April, and FI calls to make another payment, and he is told that instead of speaking to Rose they had hired ANOTHER wedding coordinator, Renee, and she would be handling our account. FI talked to Renee, and he told me that she was asking him if we had even come in to do our tasting yet, and what we had decided on as far as alcohol!?

WTF?! Uhhh, yeah lady - like 4 months ago!

Anyway, I called the venue the next day and spoke with Rose directly and told her that I was not happy that we kept getting thrown from one person to another without even getting a call to notify us, and that I felt it would be best if we (meaning Me, Rose, and Renee) could sit down and map everything out and go over all details again just to make sure we were on the same page. So Rose told me yes, that was a good idea, and I should come in on Saturday, April 27 @ 1:00pm.

WELLLLLLL, Saturday comes (last Saturday) and I called the venue to see if I could reschedule to 1:30pm, because I was running late and I live 45 mins from them. Renee gets on the phone and has NO IDEA I was scheduled to come in that day, and she says she is super busy because they are having a Bar Mitzvah that evening, and also that Rose wasn't even coming in that day! I WAS PISSED! I had my first "Bridezilla" moment, and told her that she would find time to meet with me, because I wasn't about to turn around and drive back home after making a special trip up there so THEY could get their details together. I felt bad for Renee, and I assured her that I was not irritated with HER, but it was absolutely unacceptable to me that as an events coordinator, you would schedule a meeting with someone, then not show up on the day of, and also not let your wedding coordinator know that there was a meeting that day.

Long story short, Renee and I got every detail taken care of, and I ended up being up there for about 3 hours on Saturday. Frustrating to say the least. Now I'm just struggling to figure out if I should contact Rose's supervisor (no idea who this would be)...or just leave it until something else happens. I don't want to be known as the crazy lady up there, but also I think that it is ridiculous that we are having to deal with this - especially when we are less than 4 months out.

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    Ugh that sounds like quite the fiasco.  I'm glad you were able to get everything taken care of.
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    I think you for sure need to speak with the next person up in the chain-of-command before your big day.  We had a similar situation and basically just said to them 'person x is the only person we will be dealing with at this point' because you can't afford for this to happen during your wedding week.  You need to KNOW that someone will make sure you get your cake server, flutes, guest book, and whatever else back and in place.  Rant/bridezilla moment well warranted!
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    I don't even think that qualifies as bridezilla, more like just insisting on getting some type of service/organization.  i'm really sorry you're going through that, it would frustrate me a LOT too.  hopefully it all gets straightened out soon, it's one more stress you don't need to add to your life/wedding.
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