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Need Non GIS Advice

So it looks like someone side swiped my car just now at the grocery.  My hub cap was on the ground, it seems like there are a few extra scratches from what was on the car before, and the lovely jerks also ran the cart into the front part of the same side.  

The grocery will take care of whatever the cart did once it goes through corporate, but I'm wondering if it's worth my effort to call the insurance company about the paint and hubcap damage.  I would love the paint to get all touched up, but the grocery security cameras didn't get the guy's license plate, so he'll never get what's coming to him, and I really don't have the extra cash around for the deductible (500).


Re: Need Non GIS Advice

  • If it is just cosmetic I would not bother. I got hit in my work's parking lot about a month ago and it even slightly cracked my bumper...but not to the point where it impeded my ability to drive at all. Personally It wouldn't be worth paying the deductible and then also having higher insurance premiums for something that wasn't even your fault.

    The only time I could see moving forward with it, would be if you could recoup the costs from the person whose fault it was, OR if you did something for a living where the way you presented yourself (including your vehicle) made a difference (I'm thinking door to door salesman or something...)
  • You may want to have it checked out for structural stuff, like kwith said. Same thing happened to me and it was a lot more damage than it looked. On the flip side, I was hit in the parking lot at the mall and had it checked out, then let it go. Sorry that happened... It's so annoying.
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