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Hey September brides! Are you using save the dates and if so, have you sent them yet? With work being so busy lately, I haven't been able to create them yet and now I'm worrying that I'm too late. I know they aren't required but we had engagement pictures taken that incorporate the date specifically for save the dates so I really hope I'm not out of time. What do you girls think? I haven't ordered my invitations yet either. Ugh! The stress!
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Re: save the dates

  • I have sent mine. I think a lot of us have sent them, but there are a few that are sending them out now as well. I think it's perfectly fine to send them now (within the next few weeks if you can.) They aren't necessary, but if you have out of town guests, it's nice to give them a heads up and reminder so they can make travel plans.  I don't think it's too late if you really want to share your pictures!
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  • I sent mine at the 6 month mark.  They aren't mandatory but I figured since 95% of our guests are from out of town I would send so they can plan accordingly.  I think (but don't quote me) the time frame for STDs is 6-9months.  If you wait too long then they are too close to the invitations.

    I haven't ordered invitations yet either but I plan on doing it this weekend.
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  • We sent our STDs months ago because we have a ton of OOT guests who we wanted to give a heads up to.  Like PPs said STDs should really be sent out between 6-9 months.  We are at the 5 month mark and soon will be at 4 months.  Invitations are sent out usually 3 months ahead so sending them out now might be pushing it a bit in terms of how close you are to sending out invites.  I don't think they are necessary at this point.  I would focus on ordering and sending your invites at exactly the 3 month mark and then follow up by phone with any RSVPs that may be a few days after the deadline.

    Also, make sure that your RSVP date is in line with when your venue expects a final count.  The deadline for RSVPS should be set at least two weeks prior to the final count deadline so you have time to make phone calls without seeming pushy. 
  • Yes we sent ours out in February. I'd say go ahead ASAP. Your invites should be out sometime in June.
  • We sent ours out at the 9 month mark. A lot of our OOT guests needed to let their employers know their time off ahead of time so we did that. We were still sending some stragglers out that we had forgotten about.
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  • We just finally had our engagement pics done and odreing them through Vistaprint this weekend and hope to mail out by 5/1.
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  • We sent ours out at the end of January since we are getting married on a Sunday.  I don't think it's too late to send them out but I wouldn't wait too much longer.
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  • We just order ours last week, they are due to arrive April 30th and will be in the mail the first week of May. I would say go ahead and get them ordered and on their way. I think even though it is later than usual save-the-dates are fun especially if they are the magnet ones. People will keep them on their refridgerator for a long time.
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