Purple bridesmaid dress....what color flowers

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I am looking for some advice.  My Bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses.  The color is from david bridal, named Regency.  I was thinking purple bouquets in different shades for them, but I am now thinking it may be nice to do a color that will pop off the purple.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  This is the most stressful part of the planning process for me! 

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Re: Purple bridesmaid dress....what color flowers

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    Yellow or lime green would be great accent colors that would really pop against the purple.

    You could also go with white which would really pop as well.

  • Our bridesmaids are wearing DB plum dresses and their bouquets will be light purples/lavender, a magentay purple, and lime green. I think the florist might put some white in their too, but my bouquet is going to be mainly white, so theirs will be mainly purple to coordinate. The colors we chose popped really well against their dark purple dresses.
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  • For the greatest contrast, look to the opposite end of the color wheel.  This is why you see yellows paired with purples.  They are opposites on the color wheel  

    You can also go one two away from purple on the color wheel; which would be oranges and greens.   

    Pink is not on the color wheel but I just like it paired with purples.   

    Without knowing more about what kind of wedding you want (theme, venue, level of formality...), it is hard to pick particular colors for you. 
  • Our colors were a dark plum and sunflower yellow.  The dresses were the plum and the flowers were sunflowers.  It looked great and the sunflowers are really hearty so they didn't look wilted during the day and just a few stems can make up a bouquet.  Also, sunflowers are fairly inexpensive so they're budget friendly too.  People still comment on how beautiful the sunflowers looked.
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