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re-intro and DJ question

Hi!  My name is Jessica and I am planning my wedding for July 16, 2011. I introduced my self a while ago. I have lurked a lot but haven't really posted anything so I thought I would reintroduce myself and hopefully post more often.

I am currently in school and starting in May will be traveling a lot due to school so we are trying to get as much of the wedding planned as we can while I am still in pgh. We have most of the big stuff taken care of.... I think!

Anyways, my question is has anyone heard of DJ Brian? He seemed very nice when I met him at a bridal show but the phone convo we had was a bit rough. I have looked through the recommended DJs and I also have noticed that Andy Booth gets rave reviews-- I have emailed him back and forth a bit but I don't think we can afford him. So any advice on DJ Brian?

Thanks and I am excited to get to know you all during the planning- you seem to have good tips and advice :)

Re: re-intro and DJ question

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    Hi Jessica!  I'm not familiar with DJ Brian.  I always say, if you like the vendor and it is within your price range, go with your guy instinct!

    I'm using Andy Hutelmyer, he is also highly recommended.  His pricing is very reasonable too!  If you would like his contact information, PM me and I'll send it to you. 
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    Welcome (again) and happy planning. Never heard of DJ Brian but good luck with your decision.


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    Hi and welcome!! I don't know anything about DJ Brian either but I just wanted to say welcome and happy planning!! Just remember that phone conversations are awkward for many people, and if you met him in person and felt comfortable with him then I would say to go with your gut and book him! Can you ask him for references or check on his website for references? Also, I know that weddingwire.com has been a helpful resource for me, as it has inciteful vendor reviews from brides and grooms! HTH and GL planning!!


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    Hello and welcome!
      I haven't heard of DJ Brian either.  I'm using JJ Dellario who works with Andy Booth and is actually a little bit cheaper.  He's been wonderful to work with so far. Good luck!
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    I do know a DJ Brian.  I don't know if he is the same one or not.  He is from Lower Burrell and a nice guy.  He has been a long time friend.  
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