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How did you choose your wedding colors?

Hello everyone! I'm having some difficulty deciding on what colors to commit to for my wedding and so I was wondering how you all chose or are choosing yours. Are they just your favorite colors? Is there a certain tradition that you used to help you decide? etc.

Re: How did you choose your wedding colors?

  • We are doing Navy blue and bright red. We both love blue and I let Fi choose the second. We decided on Navy because we thought bright and bright wouldn't look good.
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    My FI could have cared less about the colors, so it was all up to me.  I wanted a monochromatic, modern look, so I went with gray and ivory (ivory instead of white because my dress is ivory).  Then I decided that I wanted a little color.  I'm wearing an heirloom pink cameo, so I went with blush pink as the "pop" of color.

    I'd suggest looking at lots of pics on pinterest to get ideas.  Then make a decision and stick with it- it's not a big deal.  There are tons of color combos I love, but I picked one and stuck with it.

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  • We talked very little about colors. We knew that we both liked blue so that would be included. Then we picked a color that went well with it. So brown it was.


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    We went with a color combo that I love, pink and champagne. But then I decided pink is so "typical" of me, and everyone would be expecting it, so I switched it to coral. It still gave me the look I loved w/o being completely same-old, same-old for me. Also, we thought they were light, fresh colors for our daytime ceremony. If we had gotten married in the evening, we would have gone in a completely different direction with a really dark purple that we both love. AND gotten married in one of the haunted hotels in our city for a much darker vibe, but that's a different topic! 
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  • Our colors have kind of evolved over time.  We agreed to do the bridesmaids dresses/groomsmens vests in burgundy, which is a color we both love.  As various details have started coming together, we realized black and ivory were appearing repeatedly.  So our colors are burgundy, ivory, and black.  Just to be clear, for us, it's nto all about the color, but it's good to know our "colors" to keep everything looking coherent and beautiful.
  • We didn't choose colours. I liked the idea of grey invitations, so we did that, and then everything else centred around my dress, which was champagne coloured, so I chose a bouquet with gold and champagne accents and our owl cake topper was brownish gold. Those were about our only decorations anyways. Colours don't have to be difficult if you don't want them to be.
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    My older sister was my maid of honor and about seven months pregnant at the time of our wedding.  I wanted to her pick a dress she felt pretty in and not limit her to one specific color.  Maternity clothes can be limited or pricey.  I told her that I honestly didn't care the color or what it looked it like, just as long as she felt comfortable in it.

    In the mean time, I was choosing rose petals to line our aisle with.  I had to pick a color that would match whatever color my sister chose for her dress.  To make things simple, I chose white.  White became the color of the Best Man's bout and the MOH bouquet, as well. 

    My sister chose a dark purple dress.  I carried a dark purple bouquet and my husband wore a dark purple bout.  Hence, our colors became purple and white.  Easy peasy.

    EDIT: We didn't carry that color scheme anywhere else but the ceremony, however.  Our invitations were ivory and orange with gold writing (that sounds kinda ugly, but it wasn't!!).  Our menus for dinner were green, light yellow, and a bamboo color.  Haha. 
  • My son actually chose our colors we were sitting at the table talking about it and he said why don't you use black and gold and it just worked so well for us with a old hollywood theme we added ivory and it all looks beautiful.
  • We had a classic wedding so we opted for colors that were style appropriate, ivory and gold, and because the family jewelry I wore and our wedding bands are made out of pure gold. For an accent color we picked turquoise. We were indecisive between midnight blue and turquoise but then thought the the latter was more appropriate for a daytime wedding. And of course we both really liked it.
  • Originally ours were supposed to be peacock themed, but we (I) decided against that after awhile. My WP is wearing black and I'm wearing gold. The invitations that we're getting are gold so our colors are black and gold (with red for my flowers).
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    I've always known that I wanted my wedding to be in gold and silver since I was  young, and saw a really beautiful 50th anniversary party done in that theme for my grandparents.

    They go well in any season, are a really elegant color combination, aren't over-used, and came out gorgeous for the wedding.
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  • My FH was a FIJI in college and their color is Royal Purple. I have a purple/green/blue necklace with a glass peacock feather on it. So we decided on Royal Purple for the color with accents of blue and green and peacock feathers. Our roommate thought it would cool for the boys to grew their hair/beards out like Duck Dynasty, and I say if they do it is Green and Gold and GB Packer theme.
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  • Both my FI and I share the same 3 favorite colors (blue, purple, pink).  I love pink, but did not want to use it much, if at all.  We both love purple, but decided not to use it because purple is very popular right now.  We found the perfect shade of blue at DB (Horizon) and we just love it.  So, blue it was!  I wanted to honor my memere's love of yellow roses, so that became our secondary color.  That's how we did it!
  • I was definitely influenced by the seasons. Before I even met H, I wanted to get married in either November (with a classic white, red, black, and green colour scheme) or February (with silver/grey, black, and red), just because those are less popular months for weddings. 

    However, when H and I got engaged, we were both in school, so a summer wedding made the most sense. When my younger sister announced that she and her BF also wanted to get married in the summer, we pushed our date up to June so that they could have August and we had some breathing room between our weddings. 

    I realized that a summer wedding meant that we could use my favourite flower, tiger lilies, so orange became one of our colours. I saw some photos on TK of a pumpkin and wasabi colour scheme, and that's when I added green as a colour. I also saw some tigerlilies and white daisies growing together in my parents lawn, and loved the combo, so the girls had white daisy bouquets. I loved how everything came together--and orange, green, and white are also the colours of the flag of the country where I grew up!

  • FI and I had difficulty at first deciding in colors. So I picked my favorite color, purple. He picked his, blue. We finally decided on Aubergine purple, Charcoal gray with accents of ice blue and mint for our November wedding.
  • My favorite color is purple.  We also both graduated from LSU and their colors are purple and gold.  Our reception site is the LSU alumni center ballroom and we are using the hotel right behind it which is decorated in purple and gold.  Also, the ballroom will already be decorated in purple and gold Christmas decorations so it made sense to go with purple and gold.  We are saving a TON of money on decorationsfor the reception!  lol
  • My fiance and I both love the ocean/beach.  We had our first date at a seaside resort at the beach in Hull, Massachusetts.  We had our first vacation as a couple at the beach in Oceancity, Maryland, with a side trip to Asseteague Island, Maryland, to see the wild ponies and enjoy that beach. My fiance's favorite color is cobalt/sapphire blue.  So- when we began to plan our wedding we looked for seaside/waterside venues, but near Washington, D.C., where we live.  We settled on Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a venue about 1 1/2 miles from the sailboats and the harbor activity.  Our wedding colors became (quite naturally) the colors of the sea and the seashore: sandy pale yellow, bright cobalt/sapphire blue, dark ink blue, pale wisteria blue-grey, silver metallic, gold metallic, and tan.  We're using these colors in our table linens, our wedding cake, our attire, our flowers, our stationery, and our welcome bags.  Our wedding is in a garden venue, and I love flowers (I'm a floral designer) so we adapted the theme to our needs - it is "From the Garden to the Shore."  We're not sure about the final design of our invitations, we were working on this last night, but it's likely to have either sea animals or vines/flowers as a moti, but to be shades of silver metallic, gold metallic, and blue. Possibly some curry yellow liners or envelopes.  I have "lake" colored placecards which I am stamping with gold ink with a seahorse stamp I got /gold embossing powder (I have an embosser) for placecards.  That kind of thing. So, it's not that our be-all/end-all of the theme/design are the colors. We have a reoccurring motif of seahorses, and as you see here, I have designed a wedding logo which is two seahorses.
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    I picked my colors around my flowers and the season. For a spring or summer wedding, I knew I wanted to use blue hydrangeas. I saw a picture on Facebook of BMs wearing pewter colored dresses and carrying blue hydrangeas, so that became my inspiration, and our colors are light blue and silver. If we had gotten married in the fall instead, I was leaning toward peacock colors for that season.
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  • I tend to like cool colors so I found a bunch of wedding pictures online in various shades of blue, green, and purple and showed them to my fiance and then he picked the color he liked best out of my top choices.  Somehow, he picked the purple one!  He said it was regal... but looking at pictures online definitely helped in our selection process... we also picked light grey tuxedos - finding pictures of purple with grey really sold me on that versus the black tuxes. So now our colors are purple and silver.
  • I wanted teal. A friend married before me & had teal, so I wanted something different. I had DH choose the invitations. They were black & white. Our colors were black & white with red accents. I have heard that you should look at the colors in your clothing closet to see what colors you like. At the time we married, I did have a lot of black & white in my wardrobe.
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    I don't think you really *need* wedding colors, so I really struggled with this one! I guess you could say our "colors" are yellow, blue, and green. Our wedding will be an evening wedding outdoors in the summer, so I figured green would be appropriate and my FI really wants sunflowers, so yellow is included. At one point, I thought I would wear a beautiful blue sash with my dress (though I've since changed my mind, and that will be one surprise for my FI, who saw my dress!). So I included blue as well. I'm carrying yellow, blue, and green flowers/berries in my bouquet and we'll have complementary flowers as the centerpieces. I think we'll have paper lanterns hanging in our colors in our tent for the reception and possibly fans for the guest in the colors (since it may be hot). I think your colors can either be colors you like or what goes well with your venue/theme (if you have one). As PPs have said, you don't have to carry colors over to everything you do - for example, my invitations have a tree motif, so green is included, but there's also brown. What are you thinking of having?

    ETA: FI and I are not having a wedding party, so I think that was a bit of a complication for me - wedding colors are often conveyed through bridesmaids' dresses, etc.
  • Pink is my favorite color and we got married on St. Patrick's Day.  So pink and green it was.
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  • I asked if he had a preference.

    "I don't care.  Do whatever colors you like.  Just tell me what time and where to be and I'm good."

    I like purple and silver.

    Done and done!  :)
  • Blue is both of our favourite colours....I love yellow too....and it's a summer wedding.  Done!

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  • Honestly I wanted fall colors since we are getting married at an outdoor amphitheater in the fall. However I was previously engaged and my bridesmaids still fit ino their green dresses and shoes. So we ended up with green and brown with pops of the colors red yellow and orange in flowers and centerpieces.
  • We talked over some ideas, then we went to Home Depot and started playing with the paint swatches!  It gave us a better idea of what shades/colors we liked and would go together.  Plus, then we kept the swatches to use as reference as we shopped for stuff!
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  • This was one of the first things I chose! We went with our favorite colors mine is orange and his is blue. We chose a tangerine orange and a marine blue because we love the ocean and didn't want a neon orange. And they went well together. Plus using paint or fabric swatches really helps to visualize it.
  • Thank you so much for your replies everyone! I enjoyed reading your thoughts, suggestions and stories and they have been very helpful in assisting us in choosing our colors. :D
  • We went with each of our favourite colours! Lime green, & tangerine orange. Yes, definitely bright & not overly common together, but they actually ended up working really well! I think most colours can potentially work together, you just need to be creative & know where to use them. :)
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    [QUOTE]Hello everyone! I'm having some difficulty deciding on what colors to commit to for my wedding and so I was wondering how you all chose or are choosing yours. Are they just your favorite colors? Is there a certain tradition that you used to help you decide? etc.
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    </div><div>My lovely friend got married about a year ago, she couldn't pick her colors either (Her groom is color blind and didn't care). Finally after alot of thinking she just decided on picking her favorite color (a gorgeous rich dark purple) because she couldn't decide on anything else. As she planned and got decorations, invites and we picked our flowers and BM dresses, she said over and over how happy she was to be surrounded by her favorite color during the whole wedding process. She said it made her so happy and made it easy to pick things out because she already loved the color. I followed her advice and have picked my two favorite colors for my own wedding (which happily happen to go together and my FI likes them too )</div><div>
    </div><div>Good luck!</div>


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