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How did you choose your wedding colors?


Re: How did you choose your wedding colors?

  • I'm going to be wearing a dark blue dress (either navy or a couple shades lighter), so we built off of that. My partner loves seaglass, so we're going with a seaglassy green, and then champagne as an accent. We feel very sneaky about having a "beach" colored wedding in the fall.
  • We originally wanted to use the Jones Tartan for the menswear, so we chose a blue that occurred in the tartan as one of our colours. As it turned out, it would have been prohibitively expensive to put all the boys in kilts (since the Jones tartan is not popular enough to be rentable) but by that time we already loved the royal blue. Then white was a no brainer, and we added pops of fuchsia because the stargazer lily is my favourite flower!
  • I wanted yellow and grey, but that is really overdone, so I changed to baby pink and baby blue, kind of a princessy feel, but THEN I saw a peacock wedding and fell in love, and though it's probably overdone, I'm in love with the fun atmosphere of having jewel tones and peacock feathers! Our main colors are teal and dark purple (though purple is not my favorite color AT ALL lol funny how that works out!), with accents of peacock blue/turquoise, royal purple, royal blue, fuchsia and emerald green lol
  • We're getting married in November and I wanted the decor to be vintage and fall, plus my dress is champagne and FI will be wearing a brown suit to complement that. So Brown and champagne are the main colors with touches of gold, copper, olive green, ivory, and rust. 
  • My favorite color is yellow, so that was all I cared about.  My H figured our colors were pretty much a given, since my bedroom in my apartment when we first met was black, white and yellow.  And now our bedroom is gray, white and yellow.  
  • My fiancé and I chose Green and Blue because they are our eye colors.  My eyes are green and his are blue.  Obviously this doesn't lend itself to many color variations, especially if you both have the same color eyes, but it is definitely sentimental. You can always play with the shades once you pick the colors.  For example we are matching the blue and green shades to the colors in peacock feathers rather than the exact shade of our eyes.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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    I knew what my colors would be long before we got engaged. Yellow and gray. I just love the combo, it is sophisticated but fun. You can have a great time with bright colors while still keeping everything elegant. 

    When I told my fiance my plans he replied, "You mean like our family room?"

    Uh yeah... like our family room. 


  • We were originally going to use baby pink and champagne. But  realized that was too formal for us. I wanted to keep it light and fun. So, i was looking at colors at DB and fell in love with a few different colors. I then asked myself why i had to choose 2-3 colors? I decided to do 7 colors. Well, nine but two girls had to drop out. So, our theme is rainbow type colors that are more jewel toned that 1970's rainbow. We have watermelon for the MOH, tangerine, clover, canary, horizon, marine, and regency(purple).  The focal color will be regency.

    I have to say I am having so much fun with planning and getting different ideas for the decorations and flowers. Its actually quite fun, festive, and colorful!!! Now to hope it all comes together nicely!!!!

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  • We had a fall wedding so I wanted something that would be a fall color. I ended up getting a champagne colored wedding dress so while at the bridal shop we took a BM dress in each of the colors I was considering and held it up next to the dress I picked and decided which of the colors complimented the color of my dress best. That's how we ended up with dark brown.
  • I'm just doing two different shades of purple along with teal and silver; no it has nothing to do with peacocks these are colors we both like; I didn't want to be cliche and use pink and purple; so we decided on the colors: Eggplant, Lavender, Silver, and Teal. 
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  • We're having a late fall wedding (11-23). I didn't want stereotypical fall colors – especially since everyone's focus is shifting to Christmas by that time – but still something appropriate for the season.

    Mom has a color fan deck from Sherwin-Williams and we looked through the reds/pinks until we found a color family that's based on an almost-but-not-quite coral. We've taken it with us to shop for WP attire and will use it when we're choosing the cake, flowers, decor, etc.
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    I always tease my fiancé that he is constantly wearing navy blue (he even had navy blue boxers!). I never thought of it as a wedding color until randomly one night when I just asked him what he thought of navy blue as a wedding color. Of course he said yes. We couldn't agree on a second color. I originally wanted yellow but as a Penn State football fan, having Michigan colors was a no discussion veto. I then found a navy and coral color scheme on Pinterest and loved it. Fiancé also said no to that one. Fiancé doesn't know it yet, but our colors are navy and coral. He can find out later :) We went to lowe's and looked at paint swatches- I feel like if you can't find a color you like there, you are not going to find any colors you like anywhere. Good luck!
  • We chose royal blue because it's one of the colors of our favorite club (we've seen each other for the first time during an away match and are season ticket holders, so we thought it was worth incorporating this into our wedding someway). Our second color is purple because I liked it and we thought it goes nicely with royal blue. .


  • I picked my two favorite colors which were purple and blue and then when I found my bridesmaids dresses I loved, I picked the shade based on what was pretty on the dresses.  This day is all about you and him so pick the colors both of you love!
  • Some friends threw me a surprise shower and asked DH what were my colors. He responded he did not know but knew my flower was the stargazer Lily. Basically I centered and color choices around that. I did not specifically identify or feel I needed a color but did coordinate with shades of pink. I told my MOH to pick a pink dress (no other BM). Obviously the men wore black. Enerything else was white or ivory and shades of pink. Table cloths were white, dress ivory, menus ivory with pink lettering, invite white with pink lettering, pink table runners, pink and white jordan almonds (favors) 
  • I had a really hard time deciding on color combos. At first I wanted navy blue and pink, but my FI and mom could not wrap their heads around this. I eventually decided on charcoal BM dresses and his mom said she thought yellow would be very beautiful. At first I thought this was the worst idea, then I sat on it for a few wks and couldn't come up w anything I liked better. So I caved and we are doing charcoal, shades of yellow, pale pink and green. So happy with it as I am having a summer wedding things are looking really beautiful.
  • I decided on my color based on the time of year. I've always been a fan of pink and brown, but since I'm getting married in February, I ended up going with a really nice red called apple. It looked the best in the dress I chose and the FI liked it the most too. Good luck!
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    I think it's important to include the fiance in this decision. My fiance was more interested in what colors we wouldn't have than in which ones we would. He vetoed pink ("girly"), champagne ("ugly"), red ("predictable"). Ok, whatever.

    When FI proposed, we had just finished dinner at the Grand Wailea. Right afterwards the proposal I looked in our to-go bag and found that the restaurant, knowing he was going to propose, left a little stuffed humu humu fish with our desert. We decided our colors would be (close to) the blue and green on the humu humu fish.


  • My favorite color is yellow but, having been a bridesmaid in yellow, I know it doesn't look good on every person. My FI's favorite color is blue. I thought a nice dark blue would be flattering for my BMs and my FI was excited because he refers to it as "Yankee blue," in honor of his favorite baseball team. We are also incorporating charcoal gray and white. I love how the yellow and white pops in front of the navy blue. Each person chooses differently but we went with our favorite colors. During stressful times, it will be nice to be surrounded by comforting colors lol.
  • We picked our colours before we were even engaged. I love purple, it's one of my favorite colours, and I love the way dark purple and dark blue go together, so we decided on those two colours. My FI than suggested we use silver as an accent colour if and when. So that's what we went with.
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  • We chose based on what would look best with our reception space which already had colour on the carpeting.
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    This is our ceremony and reception venue. We picked colours that compliment it - blue and yellow. We won't have lots and lots of it, but there will be bits everywhere. It would have looked strange with green and pink or other colours. Luckily, they're colours we both like very much!!
  • I originally wanted a fall wedding with oranges and deep purple, but then I saw a pale blue wedding in a magazine and fell in love. I was trying to incorporate it when we had to switch to April. Now we're doing navy, slate blue, and ivory. I was reading a magazine about how to choose your color and it said look in your closet at the colors you wear a lot and use that as a guide because as the bride (and consider the groom too of course!) all the colors need to compliment you. Like I was considering yellow but with my skin coloring it never works so I own no yellow. As PPs said, you could get some paint samples. I did that to pick the shade I wanted, then used them to have the bridesmaids pick their dress color. 
  • Venue had lots of grey and white so picked the colors off of that.  Purple, grey, orange
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