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Non traditional bridesmaids


Re: Non traditional bridesmaids

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I too was googling other cute names/titles for "non-bridesmaids" and was appalled with the responses.  Honestly, it just seemed as if you were seeking some constructive opinions and instead were stoned for "going outside of the box".  Perhaps you may find this article interesting: 

    It is MY opinion that some of these ladies have forgotten the true meaning of marriage which is consecrating your love with your spouse, two people becoming one, etc.; not having to put on a show/ huge production... just saying.

    I too am curious to know what name/title you decided upon? Or if anyone else has any constructive suggestions?  EX: "Something Blues", "Loyal Ladies", "The Brides Best", etc.  

    P.S.  If anyone feels the need to express themselves in a negative way to this response, have at it because I DO NOT CARE.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and please do not look for me to respond back to such silliness, XOs ;) 
    Oh, FFS.  Either they're close friends and you have them as bridesmaids or they're guests.  No cutesy names (you're an ADULT getting MARRIED) for some lowly "job" you want them to do.  

    And if the majority of the people on here are saying this, you really ought to rethink your plan.  We have no vested interest in your wedding and will tell you the truth.  Others in your life may not.  

  • So, I'm going against the majority opinion here, but I feel like maybe right now you need another partner-in-crime who breaks etiquette rules. I too will not have bridesmaids, but wanted to find a way to make the girls a part of my day. My fiancé and I struggled because I had a number of girls who I always pictured standing up with me, and he found it impossible to cut his list down because he has a huge group of guys who have been friends since middle school. Additionally, we are planning a ceremony that is literally five-minutes long that will only be attended by our close friends and family, so it made no sense to take an equal amount of time to have a huge party walk down the aisle. I also hated the idea of making my bridesmaids buy a dress they don’t want and will never wear again (which everyone knows happens, no matter how cute the dress is). Yet, I struggled with pushing the idea of bridesmaids out of my head for two reasons: 1. I wanted to spend the day hanging out with my girls before the big event 2. I wanted them to look semi-coordinated in pictures.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    For these reasons, I’ve decided to ask my lovely ladies to be my “something blue.” They won’t have a title, but I’m going to get a cute bracelet from Etsy as a fun way to ask them to be a part of my day by wearing blue. I will stipulate that they can wear any shade of blue, in any pattern, on any dress (I only say dress because I know they aren’t the pants suit types but I really could care less about this). They will spend the day with me, hanging out, drinking mimosas, and, yes, probably doing some set-up with me. They will not have to get their hair and makeup done unless they want, nor will they be required to buy anything for their outfits. The added benefit of this, is that I have one brother who I’ve wanted to include but didn’t know how. Now I can pick him up blue cufflinks and include him in the group. J This will make the photos cute without requiring anyone to buy anything they hate. Also, it will eliminate the issues with having a party in a simple, short ceremony.


    I should stipulate, that I have a problem with wedding showers—I understand that it means getting more gifts but I think it’s silly to ask people I love for two presents for ONE event. For that reason, the women in my life will not have to plan a shower. I will ask them if they want to join my bachelorette party but they will not be required to do so. My sister is excited about planning this with me so it is not like I’m asking her to do something she doesn’t want to do. So I really don’t feel like I’m requiring the people I love to spend money and time on things they don’t want. But even if you are throwing a shower, Michele, don’t feel like you’re asking too much of these women without the title. Speaking as someone who has stood up in four weddings. I would have happily helped my friends without the title if it made them happy.

  • Thank you to the ladies that have given some thoughtful suggestions. :)

    Things don't always have to be cookie cutter. Often times, the uniqueness of something is what makes it so special. So to those that don't understand the idea of a non-traditional bridesmaid, check out this article, it should help : http://apracticalwedding.com/2010/08/bridesmaid-alternatives-a-compendium/

    I'm sorry, but that article is genuinely crappy writing, from the first line.
    "Christina and Patty, who’s musician wedding took place in the backyard of etc........"
    Seriously? Who's? There's a big difference between whose and who is. So good for Christina and Patty who is wedding took place wherever. 
    And the article got worse from there. Terrible writing. Embarrassing mistakes supporting (?) flimsy and poorly reasoned ideas.
    Grade- F. 
    A writer has a relationship of trust with a reader. The reader trusts the writer to know their own ass from the proverbial hole in the ground. Once that trust is violated with crappy grammar, spelling, and usage errors, the writer loses credibility. 
    I deem this stoopid.
  • Damn! Suckered into a zombie thread!
  • Not the writer, I hope. I was maybe a little harsh. I will raise the grade to a D, if so.
  • Okay. F again. For truly terrible writing.
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    So. Can like, can we get something where threads are closed after say, 3-6 months? Just so they don't keep popping up?

    And I'm pretty sure Knottienumbers that dug it up is a vendor. 

  • Yep. It's vendor day, today.
  • I'm not a vendor. Sorry I woke this back up. I'm new to adding to forums. :)
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