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Just lost a bridesmaid.........thougts? opinions...please

Hi everyone.

One of my BM's called me tonight and cannot make it home on time from an unexpected extension of a trip to be in my wedding. I am perfectly ok with that, as it's not her fault, although I am understandably bummed, however, this is my situation....
We had two more BM's in the wedding then we had GM. Our entire wedding party is married couples, with the exception of our adult kids who are walking together, the two mentioned above,  and these two BM's.  These two BM's asked if their husbands could escort them down the aisle, and into the reception, and we agreed......although their husbands aren't in the "wedding party"..they preferred to walk with them. We just wanted everyone to be comfortable. They are also sitting with their spouses at the reception.

I now have a single groomsman with no partner. I know under normal circumstances, this is fine, but I am not sure how he would feel being the only one walking alone? My fiancee thinks I should ask one of the two to walk with him instead of her husband, but I don't feel that is right.  Do I just pair him with another BM/GM pair?   They are walking down the aisle in pairs by choice.

What do you think?  Thanks for your input.

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Re: Just lost a bridesmaid.........thougts? opinions...please

  • have one lucky lady escorted by two dudes.  Maybe the MOH.

    EIther that, or they can walk alone  (my party did because nobody knew each other).
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  • We didn't have an uneven party, but what we did was have H and his BM at the altar with the priest and my MOH processed in alone, just before me.

    For the recessional, you could just pair up the GM with two BMs.

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I really don't think a grown man will throw a hissy fit over having to walk up the aisle by himself for all of 15 seconds.

  • You know, when you say you "lost" a bridesmaid, I assume she is either dead or missing. Like "wandering around Coachella on a bad acid trip" kind of missing.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_wedding-party_just-lost-a-bridesmaidthougts-opinionsplease?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:37Discussion:fef0c6e4-a028-4890-a005-3a3682a1fbabPost:15c7db63-68b9-42aa-9bc9-6dcd30cb3742">Re: Just lost a bridesmaid.........thougts? opinions...please</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>You know, when you say you "lost" a bridesmaid, I assume she is either dead or missing. Like "wandering around Coachella on a bad acid trip" kind of missing.</strong>
    Posted by CourtaniaLynn[/QUOTE]

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  • That's a real isse you've got, but the other comments here got a point that the easy way is eaither there'll be someone out there who'll walk alone in the aisle or it can be a one lucky bridesmaid will walk with both gentleman each sides. But anyways hope to see and more important issues in a wedding before my best friend's wedding come, like if you want to know where we usually get wedding updates then see here http://www.bridesire.com for more.
  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    Reported, vendor. 

  • I apologize for the poor choice of title wording...I should have realized people would assume she had passed away. It was insensitive of me. As for the rest of my post, I realize that people do not need to be walked like dogs, it's just that the rest of the party asked to walk together as they are married couples...it was the end of a long day for me, and I was tired and not thinking straight and just thought I could solicit some suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
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  • In Response to Re: Just lost a bridesmaid.........thougts? opinions...please:
    [QUOTE]You know, when you say you "lost" a bridesmaid, I assume she is either dead or missing. Like "wandering around Coachella on a bad acid trip" kind of missing.
    Posted by CourtaniaLynn[/QUOTE]
    Same here. LOL at the bad acid trip part. 

    I'm having an un-even wedding party, and I'm not worried about it. I decided to not let anything like that ruin my day. 
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