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Chinese Brides - Do you exchange rings at the reception? What's the schedule of the reception like?

Hi all the Asian/Chinese brides,
I have a dilema which I think is common among chinese brides.  Our parents wanted us to get married in the year of Dragon (ended in Feb/13) but we wanted to have a summer wedding so we've decided to get married at the local city hall in January and will host the reception in June. 
So my question is, since we are already married (most of the guests at the reception know this), should we still walk down the aisle and exchange rings at the reception?  I've been to chinese banquet wedding where the MC will fake the job of the officiant - only he/she is not signing any paperwork, and the bride and groom would exchange rings and kiss.  Is it going to be strange if we do that when the guests alrady know we are married? 
I personally prefer to have that part in the reception because that's the part I most looking forward to when i attend other people's wedding without thinking if they are already married or not. 
Final note:  we are hosting our reception in an american venue but our DJ & MC are chinese.  So I think this will be similar to brides that have a chinese banquet wedding where there is no ceremony part of it before the reception.  So any opinions is welcome and i'd like know if any brides can share their schedule like when do they do the first dance and cake cutting too if possible.  Thanks.

Re: Chinese Brides - Do you exchange rings at the reception? What's the schedule of the reception like?

  • My experience with Chinese banquet is that you don't have to do the whole vows and ring again. The kissing part will be plentiful thanks to all the games (if any) and banging of the plates. I say skip the so call ceremony, do the introduction ceremony, your first dance (if choose to) and cut cake or tea ceremony or whatever else you plan. But if it really important to you, I say GO FOR IT!! Even if people know you two are legally marry, nothing beat seeing the couple say their vows, exchange rings and kiss. Your MC/fake officicant can skip the whole 'I pronouce thy couple to be husband and wife....' can change script to something simple. Maybe just like 'present to all Mr. and Mrs. xzy.

    Recently, I was at a chinese banquet were the bride and groom wasn't even legally married yet. Yet, groom's party decided to host a banquet to symbolize their union. They didn't do a mock ceremony of vow or exchange ring, etc. They actually skip the first dance too.
  • Hey...thanks for the reply.  We just had a discussion with our DJ/MC yesterday and he suggested that we do a full mock up of the ceremony within the reception.  The groom & his best man will walk out first followed by the rest of the wedding party (parents of the groom).  Then my mom will walk me down the aisle since my dad won't be attending as to give me away.  The MC will read out our vow in chinese and we will exchange rings and kiss.  After that we will walk out with up-beat music and dance for 10 minutes with the guests to celebrate that we are married.  Then we will go into our first dance as the start of the "real" reception.  I just wanna share this so that any other chinese brides with the same situation can have this as an option. 
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