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Tiny cherry blossom wedding went great

Summary for those who haven't been paying attention: We waited until the cherry trees bloomed and picked the date about 10 days prior. We picked the site a week prior. We picked the time the day before. 8 guests including officiant, some family and friends.

So, I'm married! The weather was perfect. I made the dress with the help of my friends and now husband. I desperately wanted something whimsical, playful, silly, ridiculous, and a wood nymph vibe. I think I succeeded and it was magical. I put a cherry blossom in his coat button hole as a boutineer. Simple.  The trees were all the decoration I could possibly need. 


Re: Tiny cherry blossom wedding went great

  • Wow! Those trees were well worth the wait and I'm so glad it didn't rain on your day! Is your tattoo of cherry blossoms? 

    You look amazing! You two look so in love and happy on your wedding day; I hope that love and happiness continues to grow for many, many years to come! 

    What was your favorite part of the day?
  • The tattoo is real and of cherry trees. I've had it for years. Clearly a thing I have! Best part was no stress and no feeling late... and frolicking in the trees! Everyone was relaxed and we got to sleep in and make pancakes and take a walk alone before meeting up with people later. The site is a public park so strangers were picnicking and there were kids playing. It felt natural and like the creation of family. The strangers cried and clapped! So, a few best parts.
  • Aw congrats! That sounds amazing!
  • That's so great, congrats!!!  Sounds like it was a lovely, perfect day.
  • It looks fantastic, and sounds like it went perfectly.  Congrats on being married!  And I'm slightly jealous of the nice weather, but am very happy that you had it for your wedding day. 

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