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Can't decide on

Hello everyone! 

I'm getting married on June 22nd and wearing a purple and gold Pakistani Wedding Dress. It's getting made so I don't have any picture but this is the closest I can find: 

My problem is figuring out the wedding decor! I can't go with purple and gold because then I'll just blend in with the decor background (I had originally thought purple table glothes and a gold overlay)...any suggestions? 

Thanks so much in advance!

Re: Can't decide on

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    itzMSitzMS member
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    Personally, I'd just stick with ivory tablecloths and add small pops of color with your napkins (perhaps purple ones?) and your flowers/centerpieces.
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    I'm wearing gold and my FI is wearing black. Our colors are gold, black, red and ivory. I think if you do gold as a base color and add in pops of color you won't blend into the decor. Maybe pick another jewel tone or two.
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    What about ivory linens and gold thread overlays?
     A gold thread on organza overlay would add just a touch of gold pattern over an ivory base.   That way you have a touch of glitter on the tables without your gorgeous purple and gold dress blending into the tables. 

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    Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate it :) I think I'll go with ivory and gold and add in purple lighting!!

    What do you guys think?

    Like this, except maybe go easy on the lighting.
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