Help with website not showing registry

I've had this happen to me TWICE now, and I STILL can't get it fixed!!  I periodically go to check our wedding website (created through theknot) and it's a good thing I do because once I went there, and our registry link was completely gone.  I went back to re-add it, and the site couldn't even find our registry (through travelers joy) a second time.  I finally did it manually, everything was fine.  I went to check it yesterday and now I've been trying for two days to get my registry back. This time the link had changed appearance so I clicked it and it went nowhere.  I tried taking it off the website with the intent of turning it back on and seeing if that helped, and now it won't do anything!!  Please help, my wedding is less than 3 months away, I don't want my website to get hosed now.
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