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Hi everyone!

I am having a hard time finding reasonably priced wedding coordinators who help you plan from beginning to end in Maui. Anyone working with, or know of, any coordinators?

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    These were given to me. However, I haven't not decided on one yet.

    Let me know who go with and congrats!

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    My WC was Lori Lawrence from Tropical Maui Weddings. She was incredible to work with and our wedding was amazing! I definitely recommend her!  She charges a flat fee and doesn't tack on an extra percentage for booking vendores. Lori truly loves her brides and makes your happiness her #1 priority! Please PM me if you have specific questions.
  • I looked into a couple different coordinators, Lori Lawrence, Cherise with a Perfect Wedding Maui, and I finally decided on my current planner, Sandra from A Maui Wedding Day.  She works off a flat fee and has been terrific helping plan my wedding and I can't wait to meet her in June.  My advice is just to find a couple and call them, get a feel for how they work and how they can help you, and look to see if they fit your budget, then go from there. 
  • I'm using Cherise with the Perfect Wedding. Im am still 9 months away from my wedding, but so far she has been excellent with responding and providing input on my random questions. 
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    I used Lori Lawrence in November. I'd use someone else. She is really bad about responding to emails and doesn't answer the phone when you call. I actually waited a couple of months at one point to hear back from her. She will respond promptly when you're about 2 weeks out, but before that, you can forget being a priority.

    Most importantly, she did not book my makeup artist like she was supposed to do. I only found out when the makeup artist didn't show up the day of the wedding. Lori told me 6 months prior to the wedding that she'd booked her. 

    From what I understand, she used to be very good. I've heard several negative things about her since my wedding, but they are mostly about her poor response time.
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  • sorry, not sure about Maui, but should you change to Oahu, Hawaii Weddings and Events was amazing and has been by many ladies here on the board


  • Laurie Terry from Makena Weddings was my coordinator. I was on a budget as well, but called 10 different coordinators (including all the ones named above) and really just loved my vibe from Laurie. She charges 20% fee, but I told her my budget concerns and she said she would 100% work with me to make sure wedding was on budget and it was! She was so supportive and responsive and really seemed to care about us as a couple and not about churning out another wedding. I have a full review i'll be posting soon, but definitely call and chat with her! Her husband, Al Terry, was our officiant and totally awesome too!
  • I worked with Tina Digman from Food for the Soul Catering. SHE WAS AMAZING. Will let you do everything, or she'll book everyone. Whatever you want!
  • I worked with a girl who worked with Belle....let me tell you, she was a DREAM!!
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