The Bayer Estate.

I'm just wondering if anyone has reserved the Bayer Estate for their wedding day?  We are having a small wedding, and I've just come across this venue.  If anyone has rented the estate I'm curious about their experience there.  Thanks.

Re: The Bayer Estate.

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    Hi there
    I haven't rented the estate yet- however I have visited there and met Sooz. She's really lovely and the venue is beautiful! It's right on the water in Hawaii Kai so not far if you're staying in Waikiki. The estate is a cute victorian looking cottage which is so out of place in Hawaii, but it's just so cute! Reminds me of home in England. They maintain it very well and it's quaint and vintagey.

    They have a few rules though which was why we didn't rent this venue for our wedding (we are still thinkin about it for our rehearsal). It has to finish by 9pm on the weekend and they only allow their tables (beautiful wooden table and bench chairs). If you don't want that, you can use other tables but on their wooden patio facing the water.
    They have an awesome Bose sound system though!

    Hope this helps.

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    It's beautiful! But we ended up not choosing it because of the tight time window. Also we would not be able to bring a live band or play DJ music there. 
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    Hi Bubsie, It seems like you've talked to them and stuff regarding your wedding. I'm still waiting on a reply from them but I'm so anxious because I seriously fell in love with this place (from the pictures at least) and I REALLYYYYY wanna hear some personal experience. I keep hearing that their cost is really high but then that info is conflicting too since they seem to allow outside food n DRINKS (which would be a huge cost saver in my eye). Do you know if they provide decorations rentals or do I need to find our own vendors? Thank you for your help! :-)
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    we considered it, but max was 60 guests.  Yes, you can bring in outside beverages.
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    Hi all,

    Me and my fiance really like the Bayer estate but our budget is very tight.  Ive read that the bayer goes for 2-3K for venue alone.  Does anyone know a) if this is true b) is that unreasonable (Im new to this) and c) any recommendations of similar locations (garden-esque w/ beach view) anywhere on Oahu (or good venues in general that wont break our bank).

    Many thanks if anyone can help.  We're overwhelmed with wedding planning.

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    Hi EJ61821, I hope you have received a reply by now! But yep you can bring your outside drinks, food etc. It's just a venue but they do provide their custom use picnic table esque (very nice though!) tables and long benches. They also have a wicked Bose sound system, and lights at night.

    Daniel - yes the cost is true, if not slightly higher.

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