My dress is in!

I had a delightful surprise this morning when I got a call that my dress was in!  I bought it at a bridal shop that has very bad reviews online.  I didn't realize the shops bad reputation until I saw a post by a fellow knottie earlier this summer.  I ordered the dress last January and had a great experience in the store, despite the bad press.  I guess it's hit or miss depending on who you work with.

I called three weeks ago to check the status and they said it might not arrive until November.  I was worried because that was months longer than expected and it would be really tough to fly home in November, because of my work schedule.

My mom is picking up the dress at the store tomorrow and coincidentally she is flying to Colorado next week for a visit, so the timing couldn't be better!  I can't wait to see what it looks like... I kind of forget since it's been 7 months!
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