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The most romantic ceremony location in Vegas is ... ?

Hi everyone --- HELP! Just recently engaged and looking to get married late June in Vegas. Read so many negative posts about the Venetian but that seems to be the most romantic location for the ceremony. Here is what I'm looking for: romantic ceremony location for us and only 6 guests. No reception --- just dinner afterwards somewhere. Want a nice photo and video package. Floral bouquet also. The Venetian also included a credit for the spa so I could get hair / makeup done. It would be nice to have a beautiful suite to stay in but not necessary. Suggestions? Personal experiences?

Re: The most romantic ceremony location in Vegas is ... ?

  • Hi Lucky, you're looking for almost the same kind of wedding I'm planning at the end of June. I'm nearly sold on the Chapel of the Flowers since it seems a fairly good value and is generally well-reviewed by previous brides.

    Romantic is in the eye of the beholder; can you tell us a little more about your style?
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  • Thanks for the reply justplucky. This is my 2nd marriage. I'll be wearing a full, floor length dress but nothing with a train or super elaborate. I am going for elegant and romantic. That's why I thought The Venetian was perfect but I am not so sure anymore after reading all the posts on here! I like gardens, columns/arches, flowers, soft, muted colors --- you know ... elegant and romantic. HAHA.
  • Have you thought about the Juno Gardens at caesars.
  • There's also Valley of the Falls at Mandalay Bay. That has huge columns, a waterfall and is really nice!
  • I've been reading up online about Bellagio and Paris ... Anyone have experience with those?
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    I'm getting married at Paris in May and I love it there. The staff has been amazingly accomodating and helpful and the chapel is much prettier in person. My coordinator, Elisabeth, always gets back to me in microseconds. I'm so happy that I booked with them. I went on a scouting trip last June with full intentions of booking at the Bellagio. However, I was surprised that the chapels weren't nearly as pretty in person and their staff was terribly rude to me when I met with them. The balcony is gorgeous, but was too small to accomodate the size of my wedding. Really, the only selling point on the Bellagio for me is that the grounds are beautiful, but you can get pictures by the fountains even if you aren't getting married there.
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    Thanks Vanity ... Can i ask which package you decided to go with?! And thanks fablove for the Mandalay Bay suggestion. I'm looking into that too. I'm not sure about the photo packages though. So much to think about --- Ugh!
  • Of course! I am doing the Ruby package, but I'm bringing in my own unity candle and aisle runner.
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    [QUOTE]Of course! I am doing the Ruby package, but I'm bringing in my own unity candle and aisle runner.
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    We are going for the Bellagio - Terrazza Di Songo (terrace overlooking the fountains) you can see a ceremony on You Tube - looks romantic especially as the fountains go off when you kiss!!

    Good luck whatever you go for, all in Vegas would be awesome :)
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    Would you knotties believe the 1st place to call me back was the Venetian?! They were pretty helpful and even offered up a suggestion I hadn't thought of: I wanted an outdoor wedding but our date is June 24th. Se said I will regret choosing an outdoor wedding that time of year due to the the temps being way too hot! Anyone else have any experience with that?
  • This post may help you from a few weeks ago. The consensus seems to be that it's too hot but I've booked an outdoor ceremony for 3rd July. It won't last too long and I figured everyone would sit for longer than ten mins at the pool etc. I really liked the look of the outdoor venues.
  • I think the Venetian, Paris and Bellagio are all dramatically different from a style perspective.  Venetian's chapel and much of the facilities are more contemporary while Bellagio is classical and I feel Paris is Victorian in style.  Personally, from a chapel perspective, I liked the Venetian much better than the other two when we scouted it out, but that's just personal preference.  I liked the Venetian's grounds too.  We were ready to sign with them until we got into all the pricing and their policies and realized there was no way we could do business with them.  There were quite a few issues but most centered around photography, the pricing, customizing the package, the barring of third party photographers from the entire resort property, etc.

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  • Thanks for the input everyone. I'm actually falling in love with Mandalay Bay. After looking at all the different sites and available outdoor sites that are shaded .... Valley of the Falls is beautiful!
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