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Michigan Wedding Reception on the Water

I thought it would be simple. You know, lower PENINSULA? As in, surrounded by water? I just want a reception in a building on the water. After literally a month of searching, I have one possiblity, out of at least 100 that we looked at. Here are the specifications. Anyone know of a place that would fit them?

-Big enough for 250 people (there's the kicker, thought I'd put it first)
-Indoors, but with the building on the water
-Able to see the sunset


Re: Michigan Wedding Reception on the Water

  • I looked into Shadowland at Silver Beach in St. Joseph. I think that it will be big enough. The building itself isn't literally on the water, but it's a stone's throw away. My fiance loved the carosel at the location, and I liked the history of the place (there used to be a carnival there back in the day, and at the Sunday Antique Fair in the summer, you can even buy old tickets). Oh, and they have a patio where I think you could see the sunset.
  • Im not sure about the capacity - but have you looked into the Felt Mansion?
  • Have you looked at Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake?  It is beautiful and does have a large enough space for you.
    It is larger and pricier than we need/want, but it would be a nice place!
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