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Flower Girl's Flowers

Okay, maybe I am over thinking this, but this popped into my head the other day...

I am having a flower girl who is dropping rose petals down the aisle as she walks, so if I am walking after her and I have a medium size train on my dress, does that mean I will pick up all the rose petals with my train and drag them down the aisel with me!?

Anyone else having this issue? Anyone experienced this or seen this happen?

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Re: Flower Girl's Flowers

  • Yes it does.  This is one of the reasons my FG carried a flower ball and didn't throw anything.  If the petals are dark colored they can also stain your dress,
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  • Darn it... Yeah that is a really good point about the staining!
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  • I never even thought about that! I don't think that your train will pick them up, and even if they do, I don't think anyone would notice. :-)
  • However, to avoid that, I would do the balls like HoBokenBride mentioned above. :-)
  • My flower girl dropped (fake) white petals. My train may have moved them a little, but it's really not noticable.
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    Yep, it's definitely likely.

    I made pomanders for my FGs, they were great - didn't have to throw anything or clean up anything.
  • I was just my cousins maid of honor & she had a LONG train. She used white petals and there wasn't an issue with the petals. You'll be fine. :) Happy Planning!
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