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RSVP problems rant

I am 15 days away from my wedding and I STILL haven't gotten any RSVPs back from my FI's family.  I mean my goodness how hard is it to write Yes or No then put it in the pre-stamped pre-addressed envelope and put it in the mail??  GUH all the work is done for you!!  So now I am having to call/text/fb message everyone that hasn't sent back the RSVPs.  Anyone else having this issue?  Ha ha thanks for letting me vent a little bit. 

Re: RSVP problems rant

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    There were quite a few RSVPs we didn't get back in the mail. It was mostly FIs family and it was really annoying. Since it was his family, I had him contact people for their responses.

  • Mine are due May 1st and It's my own family that hasn't sent them back!  I agree though, how hard is it to check yes or no and put it in the mailbox?  I know they are coming but it would be nice to get it back!
  • I sent invites to 108 people and on the day of our rsvp deadline, I still had over 50 people unaccounted for.  It drove me crazy, but FI and I sat down last weekend and made all the necessary phone calls.
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  • Yes!! I'm still texting/fb/ calling.. Finally my Fiancée sent a mass text saying if you don't RSVP and show up you will not eat. Lol Seemed to work! But still waiting on a couple people
  • We sent out 80 invites and are still waiting on 24 RSVP's. Our deadline is today. For some reason I don't think we'll be getting 24 RSVP's in the mail! I've already spoken with a lot of the people who haven't sent theirs in, so most likely they won't because I already have their yes or no.
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  • The rsvp has been one of my issues. It is not that hard to make a check mark put it on your calander if u r coming and drop it in the mail. I had a bunch that are not back yet and my deadline was last thursday. And some of the ones i did get back (i thought it would be 2 people) it say 5. Really!!!!  It was addressed to mr and mrs not the enire family. I wanna call and say sorry i cant accomadate you but fi says just let it go. Oh and his mom called on friday and added 3 more poeple to the list be nice if i knew thier name. Sorry read your vent then i had to vent lol

  • We didn't do RSVP cards in our invites, but instead guests RSVP on our web site. Apparently a lot of FI's friends just assumed we would know they were coming, and never bothered to respond. I had him call those people.
    And as for FI's family - have your future MIL call those people! It's their family, and they know the best way to get a hold of them. 
  • I was lucky in that we only had to contact 4 people. One of them was FI's cousin and she was like, do I still have to send it back if I just told you I was coming. Um yeah- we didn't waste 2 stamps on you and the cost of the RSVP card for nothing lol!
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  • Ugh stupid RSVPs and not just for the wedding but to the rehearsal dinner and showers!! Its sooooo annoying! We had to call of the missing RSVPs this past weekend!
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