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    Ceremony will be at Bottom Bay Beach Barbados


    Reception will be at our Villa which is only a 2 min walk from the beach


  • Yours too.  What made you decide on Disney for your wedding?


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    [QUOTE]Yours too.  What made you decide on Disney for your wedding?
    Posted by Lissa1213[/QUOTE]

    A lot of factors. I spent months running budgets and was so frustrated it was unbelievable. I have food allergies and was getting the run around from many vendors with this stating they could do it and I could talk to the chef after deposit. I also just didn't want to deal with coordinating the monster, or having the same wedding as everyone else. It was really important for me to include my daughter so we went with Disney. There were a lot of family politics on travel too so this makes everyone travel not just half the field.
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  • Our Reception

    Hopefully our ceremony

  • Wow Dancer, that is just beautiful.  How big of a guest list on you planning on?


  • I'm in agreement on WOW Dancer. That church is Amazing!
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  • i was hoping for like 100 ppl but we are looking at 150-170 due to fi's ginormous family
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