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Hello everyone!  I have two exciting countdowns this week - in 3 months my FI will be overseas with me and my long-distance part of our relationship will be over (I'll  be coming back to Canada with him)!!  And Thursday was the 9 month mark before my wedding, which means that in a few weeks that will be all of your guys! 
Also, good luck this weekend Bianca - I hope everything  goes well. 

Re: Countdowns?

  • I am doing a little better. I also ran and I ran faster than expected! It was still slower than I am capable of though. The last few miles I was very run down. I PR'd with a  2:02:53. I will be running another half in 17 days to recoup my training. I'm hoping to be closer to 1:55 but the big goal is just sub 2:00 for corralling next winter. The 1:55-1:57 was the projection for the race this weekend with my training. If I could have held the pace I kept the first 4 miles I would have finished in about 1:52-1:53. My systems just weren't having it with the pseudophedrine, congestion, inflammation, and high sun though. I am still super proud of the time I ran though :D, I'm a tough cookie!

    We are sitting at 9 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days till our wedding!

    My save the dates shipped last week! SQUEE!
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