February 2014 Weddings

Accountability **Monday**

I'm still snackin on all the Easter candy, it's not like you can just eat one piece and walk away :)

B- Oatmeal & Coffee-
L- Wasn't feeling too well so skipped
AS- Oatmeal cookie (maybe junk food is why I wasn't feeling so great)
L- 6in subway turky on flatbread

W/O- ran just over 2 miles
30 mins of alternating core & strength.


Re: Accountability **Monday**

  • B- 2 turkey bacon, 1 small chunky monkey muffin, apricot yoghurt
    L- Chick-a-fila grilled nuggets and fries (I gave up fries for lent so this was a first in over a month)
    S- banana and peanut butter, grapefruit
    D- Salad with Tuna
    DD- Cadbury chocolate egg

    Ok now the real diet stuff starts must drop some fatz

    E- 1 hour spin class
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