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MOH is deploying


So I just found out that my matron of honor (my sister and the one who introduced me and my fiance) is deploying right before the wedding.  Myself and finace are military too, so we're bummed, but we understand.  What's getting me all frustrated, though, is fiance really REALLY wants me to add another bridesmaid, to make the sides even.  I kind of think even sides aren't a must, and I really can't bring myself to replace my sister.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

Re: MOH is deploying

  • You're right. How could you replace your sister? I'm sorry she won't be there to celebrate with you. See if the church can Skype or webcast it for you.
  • I agree with you.  There is no way to replace your sister.  I say leave her spot open and don't replace her.  
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