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Wedding Dress Help! For a Plus Size Bride. [PICS]

Okay, well if y'all have been following, I have a thread about a fight with my MOH, and she might not be in the wedding at all any more. I was trusting her to help me choose the dress, and now I have this entire upcoming weekend to dress shop with my Aunt only. Here is some pictures of the only dress I have liked so far, it's a DB dress.

I have NO clue what looks good on my shape (hourglass), but I know I want something around the 500 price range, and something elegant but simple. 

I am in-decisive, and confused. So ANY help/suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated. I am scared I'm going to buy the wrong dress and get stuck with it. 

The dress I'm wearing in these pics is a size 16, but I think the 16W would fit better. 

Hints, suggestions, ideas?!?!!? HELP!

Sorry everything is coming in sideways :/
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Re: Wedding Dress Help! For a Plus Size Bride. [PICS]

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