Summer School????????????

I keep debating on whether or not to take STATISTICS in the summer.  I am NOT the best at that subject whatsoever. The problem being the final day class ends is Aug. 8th and my wedding is August 10th. Everyone has told me not to take it but they are not students.
Keep in mind I work 30 hrs. a week plus I will be taking the class everyday and I will be planning and getting ready for the wedding. I don't know what to do :/ I just want to get the class over with and the best instructor is in the summer and the worst instructors for the class are in fall.

What do you ladies think I should do?

Re: Summer School????????????

  • How badly do you need this class?  Are you graduating next year?  If yes, I probably would.  I would try to get most of your planning out of the way before the class starts.  In the last month you shouldn’t have that much to do so it's not that big of a deal.  I would also consider asking the Prof if you can take the final earlier, they might let you since your wedding is so close.  If no and you can take this class in two years, then I wouldn't.  Why put yourself through that much stress when you can take it later? 


    I got married a week after getting out of finals for my school and I was working part time, so it's do able but very stressful.  As long as you are prepared and don't procrastinate then you will be alright. 

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  • I took stats over the summer last year. I really struggle with math, but as my only class I got a 4.0. If it's beneficial to your GPA/Grad requirements, I would take it.
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  • I am taking two classes this summer on top of working full time. But, I have until January until my wedding. I am not sure I would do it if my wedding was in August. If you can take it another semester and it doesn't slow down your graduation too much, I woudn't take it.
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  • From a fellow August bride taking summer classes, I wouldn't do it. If there was even a week in between the class and the wedding I'd say go for it, but in this case I wouldn't unless the professor would let you take the final early. I like summer classes, but they are so intense! If you decide it's right for you, though, good luck!
  • ravenray- Yes I am graduating in December with my Bachelors. So I won't have another opportunity to take Summer classes.

    elBecko- Thank you so much for the Khan academy, anything helpsl!
    Yeah i am going to email him to see what he says.

    Thank you all ladies for your input. I think I am going to talk to the professor to see if I can take the final earlier. I'm going to bite the bullet and just do it, hopefully I will have most of my wedding stuff done, by then.


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