The Hyeholde Round Room -- how many can it REALLY hold?

Has anyone been to or had their wedding at the Hyeholde? This will be my second wedding and I think it would be an absolutely beautiful venue for the ceremony and reception. We are looking at a 100-110 person guest list, and the venue says it can hold that many, but I visited today and wonder if that's realistic. Has anyone been to or hosted a wedding there for 100 guests?

Re: The Hyeholde Round Room -- how many can it REALLY hold?

  • First of all, this venue is sooo pretty!!  I have never been there, but I was just thinking, that maybe if you Google "Hyeholde wedding photography" maybe you can get a feel for their set up and see if there are any big weddings out there for you to get an idea?  Also, maybe ask the venue for some pictures of a 100+ set up.  Good luck :-)
  • I was looking into this venue and really wanted it. They have a 110 person max and I was willing to cut down to have our wedding here. However after visiting the place and seeing it set up for a 75 person wedding I saw how tight that was. I honestly couldn't imagine it holding the 110 max comfortably as the set up they had looked too cramped. If you're doing a small wedding I would go there bc it truly is gorgeous. But if you want space it's not the place Side note. If you have over 90guests they cut out the dance floor entirely. :0(
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    Unless you're having your wedding on the ground surrounding the Hyeholde, I don't think it's realistic to fit 100 people there.  I've never been to a wedding there, but I have been for dinner several times.  Even just going for dinner I felt really cramped.  I couldn't imagine trying to fit that many people into such a small space.  Instead of having the reception there, maybe you could use that as the venue for your Rehearsal dinner or your bridal photos?  It's such a beautiful place, it would seem a shame not to use it in some capacity. 
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