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I'm looking to have my wedding reception in Pittsburgh, in or around the city.  The church is Trinity Lutheran in Oakland.  I'm having a very hard time finding an afforadable reception location within the area.  I've looked at 7 sites so far and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.  The places I've looked have been nice, but not exactly what I'm looking for.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Re: Reception Sites! Help!

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    Where have you looked?
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    The Rennaisance Hotel, Rivers Club, Grand Concourse, The Priory, The Doubletree City Center, Hilton Garden Inn at Southepointe, and the Pittsburgh Zoo
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    Maybe check out Soldiers and Sailors or the Cathedral Room at St. Nicholas (a very affordable option)...both are in Oakland...
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    PP had 2 good suggestions.  Twentieth century club in Oakland can be affordable, depending on how much your guests drink (consumption-based bar).  Lemont can also be affordable, but its further away and has a consumption bar as well.  The Aviary is another affordable option

    If you tell us # of guest and reception budget, we can try to let you know if any of the above will work.
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    I'm having my reception at one of the places mentioned, Soliders & Sailors. Let me know if you want any information about it. I think it's one of the best kept secrets as far as wedding receptions go...
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    There is also the little known Bigelow conference and reception site. It's very nice.
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    We're having ours at the Pittsburgh Opera House in the strip.  Our church is also in Oakland, so it's really close to there.   It's very, very affordable if you're willing to go the DIY route.  The space is beautiful (kind of an artsy feel to it, two story high ceilings, huge windows everywhere). Unfortunately, they don't really have any good pics on their website, but it's worth going to see!  I was amazed how nice it was once I saw the inside :-)  
    And they let you bring in any caterer you choose, and you supply your own alcohol.   We estimate our total per person cost to be less than $40 - probably around $30-35, but definitely under $40 (including absolutely everything! food, alcohol, cake, servers, venue, taxes, tips, etc), which is WAY less than any other places I'd looked at.  And they have been very quick to respond and easy to work with so far.  Their size is also very flexible, can work for small weddings or huge weddings up to 350.  We're having about 150.  PM me if you'd like more info!   

    (FYI - I think the biggest trick to making it so affordable is the caterer...  Our Little Secrets Catering in West MIfflin - her food is amazing!!!  It's a smaller operation, so everything is made from scratch.  And she's giving us a buffet with twice as many food choices as we'd seen offered by any other caterers for only $14 per person!! plus tax and tip.)

    Congrats and good luck! :-)
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    Thanks @arf3420 for your suggestion! We are planning for Heinz Chapel, April 2013. I will definitely check that place out!
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    I was away for a little while.  Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I have a lot of good stuff to work with now.  I'm having around 150 guests with a budget between 10k and 12k.  I am really interested in the opera house idea!
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    just started planning a PITTSBURGH destination wedding! I'm excited we have family in pittsburgh and down south.  So we need to look at chartering a bus for family to travel from down south to pittsburgh for our fall wedding. I want a dream venue for the reception to include doves and a carriage ride from the church to reception. Any ideas for affordable venues budget 10k and 100 guest.  

    Thank you,

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    Try the Holiday inn Airport in Corapolis. Their minimum is $6000 plus we saved 15% off our package for book our reception before Oct 31st!
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