Any suggestions for Napa/Sonoma wedding venues on a $40,000 budget?

Some "requirements:"

-Saturday evening venue
-thinking about a live band so hopefully a less stringent noise policy
-11 pm/12 am shut down time 
-hard liquor
-150-175 guest list
- outdoor ceremony preferable
- vineyard views

Thanks so much!!

Re: Any suggestions for Napa/Sonoma wedding venues on a $40,000 budget?

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    Try Chateau St. Jean. They might be a LITTLE on the pricey side, but I'm pretty sure they meet your requirements.
    You might also try the culinary institute of america in St. Helena.
    There's also Viansa in Sonoma -- they're a bit more affordable.

    Are you planning this from Florida? I'd recommend
    and contact any venues which strike your fancy.

    Good luck!
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  • cjohn002cjohn002 member
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    yeah that site you def. will be able to find something; one consideration is there are quite a few places restricted by city ordinances - so ending at 11 or 12 may be a challenge- as well as the noise policy, off the top of my head I Know Glen Ellen would be out...I'll try to think of or add others as I come across. I def say vineyards that aren't as close to the city I'm sure have a bit more leeway
  • Try Nicholson Ranch Winery. My wedding is going to be between $35-$40k and they do not have noise ordinances. You can pay an extra $1000 for hard alcohol (although we aren't) and it is in a beautiful location!
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    Stella, We are looking for basically the same thing. Have you had any luck yet? We just started planning our wedding -- so any advice or insight would be much appreciated! 
  • Check out Hans Fahden up in Calistoga. Their wedding website isn't that informative, so email them ask for information on both their all-inclusive and a la carte wedding packages. The site fee is pretty reasonable ($7.5k) for the area and includes A LOT that other venues don't (tables, chairs, linens, etc.). The property is beautiful and very unique and the owners are the nicest people. We checked out the venue a few weeks ago and ultimately decided not to move forward with it, but it was really, really high on our list. I also emailed with a friend of a friend who got married there when we were making our venue choice and she raved about it. 
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