Registering for a Bridal shower when no one invited is invited to the wedding

Hi Everyone,
I live in Vancouver but will be getting married in Ontario since that is where I was born and raised and our familes are. My co-worker wants to throw me a shower and invite some other co-workers. I am only inviting the friend who is throwing me the shower to the actual wedding. Due to financial costs, I am unable to invite anyone else from work and I am also not too close with them ( i started the job 2 years ago)

My fiance and I also did not register for our wedding since we have been living together for 2 years and have everything we currently want (minus a feww odds and ends).

Do you think i should register specifically for this shower? if not, what are other good ideas?

Re: Registering for a Bridal shower when no one invited is invited to the wedding

  • How about suggesting something that isn't a formal bridal shower; like, maybe get mani/pedis and lunch? That way your co-workers can celebrate with you but don't need to get you gifts (since you don't want any).

  • With registering, I'm sure there's something you need or want - for example, you can always use more towels, sheets, etc.  You can also upgrade some of the items you have that may not work as well or that just needs upgrading, for example a good knife set or cutlery.  There may be an item you've always wanted - for example, for me, I've ALWAYS wanted a red Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I don't need it, but I wanted it as it would make a lot of my baking/cooking easier.  

    Also, I'm sure some of your guests who are invited to the wedding will want to get you a physical gift and may not have an ideas of what to get you and your husband-to-be.  You don't have to make it a big registry, but it gives some people an idea of what you like/need.  Unless you don't really care what gifts you receive because it was the thought that counts.  ;)

    If you don't reallly want any gifts, period, perhaps mention to your friend that no gifts are necessary and spending time with you and your co-workers is enough. Remember, no one needs gifts, but when there's a wedding or baby on the way, a lot of people tend to go out of their way to give that person a little something.
  • thank you both for your replies. my co-worker said the same thing. i do feel better about it all. my main hang-up was that people would think "why should i get her anything when i'm not even invited to the wedding?"

    i think i will register for a few small items that won't break the bank so people don't have to feel awkward about it. i think also i am thinking of this in the perspective of someone who has never had a shower but since all the people i am inviting have, they understand how special a moment it is.

    To The Bay registry department I go!!
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