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Caesars Palace Wedding Reviews! 4.25.2013

I didn't post much on the board the last few months but I've been lurking around since I got engaged back in 2011 and I have to say this board is AMAZING. You guys gave me great advice and insight into my wedding. That being said, I think everyone deserves to hear some reviews so I can give back.  Smile

Caesars Palace Juno Garden-A+
Lindsay was our coordinator and she was amazing. She responded quickly to all of my email and even when I needed a little advice and direction she was helpful to me. She was very helpful and organized and did everything just how I wanted it. The Juno Garden was beautiful and nicely tucked away. I will say that you should have your guests know where it is before the wedding because it can be hard to find if you don't know where to look (you have to walk through the pool area to get there). The ceremony was super short which I guess was ok, I don't remember a whole lot except being very happy. We got married at 6pm which was perfect because it wasn't too hot and the pool didn't have anybody there at all so no pool noise (which was another concern I had). We also got married on a Thursday so I think that might have helped with crowds as welll. The only complaint is that you have to be in and out of the garden so quickly because another wedding is next. I would have possibly tried to be the 7:00 wedding (the last one of the day) so that there was more time to take pictures in the garden after the ceremony.

Caesars Palace-A+
They upgraded our room at Caesars which was really nice of them. The room was clean and beautiful and the front desk was very fast and accomodating to us. We only stayed one night when we used our free stay but it was fabulous.

Mandalay Bay Vista Suite A+, Mandalay Bay Service-D
We stayed here for two nights (the night before the wedding and the night of). The suite was beautiful and the view was definitely worth it. We had our reception at the Vista Suite and all of our guests were loving the view. There was plenty of room to sit, dance, and socialize with about 25ish people. The room could have fit more if need be. I read some complaints while researching about the condition of the furniture but ours was fine, it looked nice and fairly new and there weren't any glaring defects with the room. The nice part about our stay was that we were in a wing they were doing construction on so there weren't a lot of other guests nearby, I think that allowed us to be a little more noisy and play the music louder with no complaints from others. We had some leftover sandwiches afterwards and took them down to the workers in the hallway to say thanks and do something nice. They were very tolerant of our loud party. Laughing The ipod hookup worked great, the automatic curtains were awesome, and we had more than enough space at the bar for drinks.

My only complaint about Mandalay Bay, at it's a big one, is that the day we were supposed to leave we went to breakfast around 9:30, came back and our keys didn't work. After a lot of talk with people at the desk it turned out someone had checked us out. The people at the front said housekeeping checked in the room at 9:00 and seemed to think no one was in the room so they just checked us out. I not only find this infuriating but odd because we had a do not disturb sign up so housekeeping couldn't come in, we were in the room at 9 and no one had come in, AND we had all of our stuff from the reception piled up on the table so clearly someone was staying in that room. I'm not sure who dropped the ball but it was frustrating to have to fight with management and get our keys reactivated just so we could get our stuff out of the room. It was not a good way to start the day right after we got married. Mandalay Bay staff was not accomodating to us and did not seem to care about the mistreatment. In fact, after trying to figure out what happened and talking to management it was nearly the 11:00am checkout time and we hadn't had a chance to get our things. We had to fight with the manager to allow us more time up in the room to get our things packed up and out. It was really a bad experience and I would think for all the money one spends on a suite for two night we would get better service but we didn't.

Bently & Wilson Photography-A++++
Just as everyone else says, Todd is absolutely amazing. He did some pre-wedding pictures, the ceremony, and we did pictures around Caesars and the Bellagio after the ceremony with our wedding party and then just the couple. He starts taking pictures right away and makes you feel very comfortable. When we were walking around Caesars he knew all of the best places to go and set up what I hope are some really amazing shots. He's worth every penny and I encourage everyone to hire him as their photographer. I can't wait to see what he did for us (I can post a review of the actual pictures if anyone wants it once I get them). He obviously has done this before and has no problem getting the shot he wants. He took us to some amazing places that I wouldn't have thought of around the casino. Hire him is my advice all the way.

Harmony Medina-A+++
Harmony is amazing, she did a trial of my hair and makeup the day before and my wedding as well as my bridesmaids & junior bridesmaid the day of the wedding. I would highly recommend the trial because I had an idea in mind but I had some second thoughts on wedding day and we really tweaked some colors on the makeup on the actual wedding day which made me very happy. She did everyone's hair and makeup beautifully and it stayed all night! She's also very sweet, easy to talk to, and talented.

Retro Bakery-A+
The cupcakes were delicious and delivered with more than enough time. We got the mini cupcakes and then two regular sized ones as our bride and groom "cake." The mini cupcakes were the perfect size. They were a lot bigger than I thought they would be and everyone loved the flavors. I wish I would have tried more of the flavors but the night was so busy I forgot! I really regret that but I'm glad people loved them and the cupcakes were beautiful.

Jason's Deli-A+
When I read that they give you way more than you need I didn't think it would be true, but it is. We had so much food! We could have ordered half of what we did and we would have been fine. We got pinwheels and mini croissants and everything was delicious. Surprisingly, the chicken salad was the hit of the croissants. Once again, I didn't eat as much as I wish I would have but I was told everything was good.

Excalibur Hotel-B
We stayed here for the remainder of our time in Vegas (we traveled around a lot to hotels which I regret and was really annoying). The excalibur is exactly what you expect in a hotel room. It's clean but really basic and after Mandalay Bay Suite nothing could really compare. I don't like the way the casino smells but for the price the rooms and the space is fine.

I think those are my reviews, we didn't have a whole lot of vendors and did a lot ourselves for the wedding. We took a roadtrip out there which was very fun and I would do it again. I absoultely loved all of the attention I got wearing that wedding dress around the casinos too! That was one of the best parts! I hope you all enjoy and have beautiful weddings! Thank you for all of the help you gave me in planning the wedding, I really don't think I could have had such wonderful vendors without the help of this board!
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Re: Caesars Palace Wedding Reviews! 4.25.2013

  • Thank you for your reviews! Always wonderful to hear great things about Bently & Wilson!
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  • Congrats, looks like we used a lot of the same vendors :)
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  • Congrats! I'm a CP bride too! How did you like your flowers? I am having trouble picking what I want due to their high prices.
  • I appreciate you took the time to write this!  It puts me at ease.  I am also getting married in the Juno garden and using B & W as the photographer!  I also debated at shopping around for other hotels because Caesars is somewhat pricey, but I think we will just stay put.

  • In Response to Re: Caesars Palace Wedding Reviews! 4.25.2013:
    [QUOTE]Congrats! I'm a CP bride too! How did you like your flowers? I am having trouble picking what I want due to their high prices.
    Posted by BNHolmes86[/QUOTE]

    I loved my flowers, they were beautiful and they lasted for awhile after the wedding so I was able to press some of the flowers. I agree the prices are really high. I got the calalillies with the peacock feathers and made some color adjustments (which they didn't charge me for) and it was almost $200. I don't know who worth it it is to pay all that much money for a bouquet that I was holding for the ceremony and a few hours of pictures though. If I had to do it again I might have bought a pretty silk flower bouquet instead. But if you are going to pay for them I think they did a great job making the bouquet, I was not disappointed!
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  • In Response to Re: Caesars Palace Wedding Reviews! 4.25.2013:
    [QUOTE]I appreciate you took the time to write this!  It puts me at ease.  I am also getting married in the Juno garden and using B & W as the photographer!  I also debated at shopping around for other hotels because Caesars is somewhat pricey, but I think we will just stay put. Congrats!
    Posted by jennyjuice09[/QUOTE]

    Definitely just stay put if you have the money for it, so much easier than moving all around. I wish we would have invested the extra money and just stayed at Caesars plus it was a beautiful room! I hope you have a happy wedding, when do you get married? I'd like to know what you think of them both when you are done.
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  • Thanks everyone for all the congrats! It was a great wedding, worth every penny in the end even if it was a lot of them lol. I know this board was so helpful in planning and if anyone has any questions I might be able to help with I'm happy to answer!Wink
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  • Hey ChelseaW36...I'm headed there in a week. Did you use the service from MB?? Or was this a do it yourself reception? What did you do for beverages?? Any advice I would absolutely love!
  • sunni96sunni96 member
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    Could you share what Vista Suite number you stayed in?
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  • wallacjewallacje member
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    Congrats! I'm a CP bride too! How did you like your flowers? I am having trouble picking what I want due to their high prices
    I was a CP bride too and our package included a bouquet for me and my H.  I just sent Melissa a photo of the bouquet I wanted and it looked just like it.  It was callililies and red roses.  The bouquet lastest 3 days and I actually still have it!  The price was really high if we hadn't gone with the package so we just we up a level.
    I made silk bouquets for my BM's and made the bout's for the GMs. 
    @ChelseaW36 - Congrats on your big day!!!
  • Weird, I missed this thread originally; congrats!

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

    Getting married in Vegas? Start here! [click]

  • The Juno Garden is the ultimate luxurious retreat for you to say the two most important words of your life: "I do." This elegant venue boasts tropical landscaping, palm trees, lush foliage and classic Roman architecture, making it the perfect spot for a wedding you will never forget. 
  • Congrats @chelseaW36, sounds fab. I'm also getting married at the Juno garden in august. Could you share where & what your guests done whilst you were having photos taken and what time did you leave the ceremony to get to Mandalay bay. Any info would be appreciated as I am also going to Mandalay bay for my reception and I'm just worrying about timing it right? Thank you
  • Awesome! If you have time, you should post your reviews on Yelp. I have been using that site a lot, and it is always nice when a bride shares her experience!
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