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I am American (christian but not very religious at all) and my fiance is Indian (Hindu but also not very religious)
He has lived in America since he was 4 years old and is now 35. His parents practiced their Hindu religion but it didn't really trickle into their children.
His oldest brother followed his parents wishes and went back to India to marry an Indian women. His sister married an American and had a completey christian ceremony as she now practices Christian religion. He only has immediate family here (6 people) and of those 6 people only his father (his mother recently pasted), sister-in-law, cousin and her husband are faithful to their Hindu religion. So I don't know if i should or shouldn't incorporate any hindu traditions. We did recently take a trip to India and I met his entire family. It was a GREAT experience and since then I really want to somehow incorporate hindu tradition. But I am afraid to do it wrong. I have a traditional american bridal gown already and planned to do the mehndi party, but aside from that I have no idea how else to incorporate the Hindu culture. My venue for the reception will be gold and reds and I am trying to give it an Indian feel with the decorations. Is there any one simple tradition that we could do at the ceremony?


Thanks for any help!!!





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  • Part of the Indian wedding that is simple to incorporate and may be meaningful to his side is the garland exchange. Family members on each side of the family place a garland of flowers on each other to welcome them into the family (father with father, mother with mother, and so on). I'm not sure as it varies from region to region, but if he's Gujarati, there aren't even any prayers that need to be said. Everybody just laughs and cheers. =)
  • Thanks @koinayami, I will look into the garland exchange!!

    I have another question maybe you could help me with. My fiancee's mother passed away last November. He is upset she won't be here for our wedding. Is there anything that they do in the Hindu culture to remember or honor lost loves ones? He is very americanized and doesn't know much about Hindu culture so I am trying to learn on my own.



  • @jchambers4, It would be a good idea to ask these questions to some of his family members that you may be close to that still practice Hindu religion. Or you could go to an Indian temple and ask a priest there, they will be the most knowledgable in terms of traditions. Another option is an indian wedding event planner, they should not charge very much for an initial one time consultation. Good luck!
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