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Help with timing

Hello everyone! I am in desperate need of help with timing.

My reception is planned to start at 7 pm. our reception site is about a 20-30 minute drive from our ceremony site. I want to do our picture between ceremony and the reception, as I do not want my groom to see me in my dress until after the ceremony.

So my issue is, what time should I have my ceremony start? My makeup artist needs to know about what time we need her to have us all ready, and so I need to figure this out ASAP.

One way to save time that I was thinking about it to possibly have all the individual pictures done prior to ceremony. Like all the bridal party, and then the ones of just me and just Terry, and then do our couples pictures between ceremony and reception.

Any thoughts would be super helpful.

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Re: Help with timing

  • Start your ceremony so it ends by 6:30. I recommend doing as many pre ceremony photos as possible.
  • My FI does not want to see me in my wedding gown until the ceremony, so we are doing all the non-bride and groom photos before the wedding, so afterwards we can just finish up the photos with the group pictures. 

    I would suggest having your ceremony start at 6 pm at the latest.  Are you planning a cocktail hour to start at 7 pm or the reception itself start at 7 pm?  That makes a big difference in planning the timing of the ceremony. 

    If cocktail hour at 7 pm:
    Ceremony 6 pm, end at 6:30 pm, do pics then off to reception - grand entrance around 8 pm (gives you about an hour to finish up pics)

    If grand entrance at 7 pm:

    Ceremony at 5 pm, end at 5:30 pm, do pictures, etc.

    Keep in mind that you will want to let your family know of the photo schedule ahead of time if there are certain ones you want in the wedding pics.  I have heard it is a pain to try to keep everyone at the church to do the photos without prior notice. 

    HTH and Happy Planning!
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