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Budget Bride Here -- Questions about Food!

Hello lovely brides and brides to be!

My fiance and I are having Publix catering trays at our reception in lieu of an actual caterer. We already have an understanding of how much food we'll need, but I'd like an experienced person to give me an estimate on how much BEVERAGES we'll need. A friend of mine just got married and everyone's biggest complaint was that they ran low on food and drinks!

Our plan is to have tea and lemonade at a reception for roughly 50 people... any ideas on how many gallon jugs I should order?!

Thanks so much!


Re: Budget Bride Here -- Questions about Food!

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    Well how long is the reception? 

    I'd probably plan on two 16 ounce drinks per person per hour and then get a couple gallons extra on top of that.

    If they're unopened I assume that Publix will accept returns, right?  

    ETA:  And I would plan for 2/3 iced tea and 1/3 lemonade. 
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