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    Popping in out of hiding just to share that I LOVE drinking wine while cooking. For this past Christmas, bf signed us up for a couples "sensual cooking" class. The woman running the class told us we were limited to 6 bottles of wine during the class. There were 6 of us in the class. One couple was put in charge of making sure everyone's glasses stayed full throughout the night. It was SO MUCH FUN and BF even learned a few new skills :-)
    FI and I have taken couples cooking classes before. We wanted to do a "sensual" one for Valentine's Day but we just decided to cook together at my place instead. We love doing those classes though, we always learn something new.
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    @Hummingbird125 that class sounds amazing.  I wish FI was more comfortable in the kitchen.  He barely ever cooks, does not know much about cooking, and shows little interest in learning.  :/

    I will just add, to speak to the original question, that I do not often drink while I cook.  Usually my daughter is around, and I tend to not drink around her, except at special occasions, and then I keep it to a minimum.  I can see the appeal!

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