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Hey knotties!

I'm starting to think about music/a DJ for my wedding next March and I'd love recommendations. I love music and I think this is an area in which I will be rather picky.

I don't listen to a lot of top 40 stuff, and I also don't want any overly cheesy wedding stuff. I'm not going to be the type to do a typical first dance or father-daughter dance to something like Rod Stewart or Jason Mraz or Kenny Rogers or "Butterfly Kisses" etc. I definitely need a DJ who has a somewhat eclectic collection and is really willing to work with me. But I'm also aware that I'm not a professional DJ so I'd rely on them to feel out the vibe and choose songs to get the crowd going. Some of my favorite stuff includes indie dance/80s/britpop, but I am also open to more catchy/oldies stuff as well. If someone is willing to put up with me and is able to play the Cure, Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros, New Order, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in addition to like: "Shout," Michael Jackson and the Temptations, that is like pretty sweet.

Any thoughts?

Re: DJ Recommendations

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    I LOVED my DJ but he is pretty expensive, Glenn Roush.  He did start a new mid-range company called LeForce Entertainment who I would also recommend.

    I had alot of the same requirements.  My husband is a musician and has very eclectic tastes and we were able to come up with a nice mix and Glenn had everything we requested.  We only did one first dance but Glenn also did a married couples dance which was a huge hit--I had a fairly older crowd and I was convinced no one would dance at all but Glenn did a great job of keeping everything going and people dancing most of the time.  We put our reception in his hands and everything was perfect.

    Since you seem like you are having a pretty high-end wedding, I would definitely look into him--I think he starts at $3k now though.  I got him for half of that in 2009 and thank my lucky stars I did.  LeForce would still be a great alternative.

    My second choice was Seth with Dallas Rhythms and Colby Logan with Astounding Sounds who did my boss' wedding.
  • I loved loved loved Cratin with LeForce Light and Sound (Glenn's company).  They have a great library of music and will download any "specialty" songs you want that they don't already have.  The online planner was really helpful.  I think that might be just what you want.  LeForce has lots of DJs, so if you don't click with Cratin or he's not available, there should be someone who works for you!
  • Took a quick look at what both of you recommended and it seems really promising! Thanks so much!
  • Just FYI, we had a band and only paid 3,000 for them. Their song selection was a little bit older, and a lot of Motown-ish music. Great dancing music, but not Top 40. They did play Top 40 during their breaks, but obvoiusly that's just a playlist that can be adjusted.
    Didn't know what your budget was, but when I found this band, I realized I could afford it as opposed to a DJ.
  • We are using Ed from All Access DJ here in DFW. He is pretty affordable and does a great job!!! He is very eclectic and I have picked all my songs from every genre! His website is www.allaccessdjdfw.com. He is about $700 for 5 hours. 
  • Carrie-- can I ask who your band was??? Thanks! 
  • It was Signature Band.
  • I have Melodies and Memories and they are positively wonderful! I have a Sunday morning wedding and got a really good deal since I got them from other DFW knotties!! They are wonderful caring people who are super willing to help and have all sorts of music
  • I would recommend All Access DJ. They offer very personalized services and were awesome at my wedding. They are also very interactive with the guests.
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